The Intricate Work in Restoring Photos for a Vietnam Veteran

A while back, a young man contacted me about a photo digitization and restoration project for his grandfather, who served in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. They had some photographs from this period in his life—of friends, scenery, and the culture of Vietnam—that they wanted to use for an album.

Portraits of Thunderchiefs, the Rolling Thunder Pilots of the Vietnam War

There are people who understand you well enough to challenge you but in that if-you’re-not-pushing-boundaries-you’re-not-doing-it-right kind of way -- people you ultimately trust to have your back and your best interests at heart. Kate Chase, my friend, former rep and now producer, is one of those people.

The Story of Sean Flynn’s Leica M2

This is a story about a camera, a rather special camera. Every camera has a history, so they say. But it is not all that often that one has such a rich and documented history. One that was thought to be lost but has been found again. This is the story of Sean Flynn’s Leica M2.

Photographer Nick Ut Revisits the Place Where He Shot ‘Napalm Girl’

This past Monday, photojournalist Nick Ut paid a visit to the location in Vietnam where he photographed his Pulitzer Prize-winning photo titled 'Napalm Girl.' The short video above shows the visit, which was 43 years (to the day) after he pressed the shutter to create one of the most famous images of the Vietnam War.

Old Film Roll from eBay Reveals Photos of Korea from Half a Century Ago

Photographer Ben Larsen purchased a lot on eBay that included several old rolls of film, one of which was a roll of Kodak Plus-X Pan black and white 35mm film. Not knowing anything about the roll, Larsen tossed it into a tank while processing his own roll of Kodak Tri-X at home. To his surprise, the film emerged from the developer with a large number of old photos of Seoul, South Korea, from five decades ago.