20+ Students Suspended for Liking Instagram Post About School Shooting

20+ students in North Carolina were suspended from school this week over an Instagram post, but it wasn't even a photo they posted. The suspended students are being punished for "liking" the photo, which implied, allegedly as a joke, that the school would be the victim of a shooting.

Trey Ratcliff’s Trip to China Included Drone Confiscation & a Chinese Detention Center

Pushing the boundaries on where you should and shouldn't use a drone is scary enough in most situations. But "most situations" don't seem to be daring enough for noted travel photographer Trey Ratcliff.

Detailing his experience over on his blog, Stuck In Customs, Ratcliff tells the tale of how his endeavors to use a drone in the Forbidden City of Beijing earned him some time with Chinese authorities in a detention center.

Nikon Stock Hits Three Year Low, Prompts Company to Restructure

Last week, Nikon released its financial results for the last fiscal year (ending in March) and things aren’t looking good. The company missed financial forecasts yet again, closing at a three-year low that, it seems, has prompted Nikon to do some serious restructuring within the company.