Selling Photos with the I LOVE NY Logo Could Get You Sued

If you've ever been on the streets of New York City, you've likely seen the iconic I Love New York slogan and logo that has been around since 1977. But if you're a photographer who sells photos, here's something you need to know: that logo is trademarked by New York, and the state is quite serious about protecting it.

NiSi Working On 75mm f/0.95 ‘NOCT-Master’ Lens, Will Nikon Sue?

One year ago, cine lens and photo accessory brand NiSi revealed that it was working on a 75mm f/0.95 manual focus lens for stills shooters. Now, recently leaked images of the lens reveal that it may be called the "NOCT-master," potentially setting up a trademark dispute between NiSi and Nikon. [Update: NiSi is refuting this report. See update below.]

Meyer Optik Görlitz is Back from the Dead with a New Owner

After years of running hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns but widely failing to deliver on its promises, net SE (the company behind the revivals of Meyer Optik Görlitz and other vintage brands) filed for bankruptcy this year. Now a German company called OPC Optics has announced that it has acquired the rights to the Meyer Optik Görlitz brand and will be bringing it back to the market.

Fujifilm: Polaroid Demanding Millions Per Year for White Border on Instax

Fujifilm has filed a legal complaint in the US, accusing Polaroid of turning against the company and demanding millions of dollars in royalty payments per year for the use of its white borders on its new Instax Square instant film. Polaroid is allegedly threatening Fujifilm with a trademark lawsuit if it doesn't comply.

Moonlight Photographs by a Nocturnal Photographer

Argentinian photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg started as a photojournalist before turning to documentary photography and developing his trademark style of shooting under moonlight and using strobes and long exposures to illuminate his subjects. His portrait subjects are asked to remain motionless for long periods of time as he photographs them using a large format film camera. He recently applied his style to a series on residents of Northern Kenya -- a location that's typically photographed under the harsh midday sun.

Google May be Working on a Secret Photo Sharing Service Called Photovine

Even though it seems like the photo sharing market is saturated with services competing for the world's photos, the incredible growth of many young companies (e.g. Instagram) shows that there's still plenty of untapped areas for growth, with mobile sharing being one of the big ones at the moment. A trademark for "Photovine" filed by Google earlier this month seems to suggest that the search giant is looking to expand beyond Picasa.

Yahoo Finally Takes Control of Domain Name

Five years after acquiring the photo sharing service Flickr, Yahoo has finally obtained ownership of the domain name

One of the common characteristics of Web 2.0 companies is the use of misspelled words in their name, since the correctly spelled words are typically too pricey for a bootstrapped web startup to purchase early on.

Flickr was one such company, settling for the now ubiquitous name after being unable to purchase

As you might expect, the enormous popularity of Flickr has led to an absurd amount of traffic for, as people often type in the domain name either as a typo or being ignorant of the "correct" spelling".