Canon’s PowerShot V10 Gets ‘Enhanced’ Image Stabilization Update

A person is placing a small digital camera into an orange textured purse. The person is wearing a light green shirt and the background is blurred greenery.

Canon announced an upcoming firmware update for the PowerShot V10 vlogging camera that promises to “update and improve” the performance of its image stabilization.

The PowerShot V10 was announced in May 2023 and is described as the first product in Canon’s consumer video production, live streaming and vlogging line; the “V” stands for video communication. It features a 19mm f/2.8 prime lens in front of a 20.9-megapixel Type 1 image sensor, although only 15.2 megapixels are used during still photo shooting. During movie recording, because of the wider aspect 16:9 aspect ratio, the resolution dips to 13.1 megapixels. It can record 4K UHD video at up to 30 frames per second or Full HD video at 60p.

The upcoming firmware update for the PowerShot V10 includes an updated algorithm for optimized and improved image stabilization, Canon says. The camera was designed for on-the-go content creators who are moving from a smartphone to a dediated camera and this update promises better results than were previously possible when the camera is in motion.

“Content creators know that some of the most exciting moments to capture happen while in movement. The update will optimize and improve image stabilization performance for shooting while walking, helping to create beautiful visuals even in unstable positions or shooting with one hand extended,” Canon says.

“Creators can choose the IS mode setting according to the scene they are looking to capture — options such as ‘On”’ and ‘Enhanced’ have now been improved through the firmware update. The update also corrects small to large blur levels with high precision, enabling high-quality image representation.

Canon provided two examples of how the stabilization will improve via the firmware update, and while it’s not described in Canon’s marketing for the update as such, the new “Enhanced” version is clearly a digital crop into the center of the frame to allow the camera to add further stabilization.

In exchange for a healthy crop into the center of the sensor, stabilization looks to be significantly improved. Much of the “shudder” seen from footfalls is removed and the footage is significantly smoother.

The firmware update for the Canon PowerShot V10 is expected to be available in late June.

Image credits: Canon