VSCO Launches Hub, ‘LinkedIn for Photographers’ to Find Paid Work

A medical professional measures a patient's blood pressure, overlaid with a minimalist white envelope icon in a circle against a blue backdrop.

VSCO, known for its mobile photography and camera apps for iOS and Android devices, wants to help connect its users and brands, becoming a sort of LinkedIn for photographers.

VSCO Hub promises “Smart job matching for businesses looking to hire a photographer for their next project or campaign,” and offers tailor-made sections for both businesses and photographers.

For photographers, VSCO says its new Hub connects VSCO Pro Members directly to businesses and brands seeking professional images. Brand partnerships are a key way that many photographers earn money for their work, and VSCO Hub aims to bridge the gap between the people taking photos and those who require them.

Three images promoting different photographers: a pink doughnut (food photography), a mountain goat on a rocky terrain (wildlife photography), and a close-up of ballet dancers (sports photography).

“Get hired for your unique aesthetic,” says VSCO. “It all starts with building a profile that represents you and your work.” VSCO Pro Members can add a tag to their profile that lets everyone else know they are available for work. VSCO has a special guide to help users get the most out of their profiles.

On the client side, VSCO says that its AI-powered search will help match photographers on the platform with businesses seeking a specific subject matter and look. Therefore, VSCO recommends having a diverse profile that shows the full breadth of a person’s work. Prospective customers can also search for photographers using reference images.

“The more you post to VSCO, the more likely you are to appear in relevant searches — so keep creating!” VSCO says. If a business wants to hire a photographer, VSCO users will receive a message in the VSCO app that outlines the next steps.

Three connected images promoting a platform: 1) a person holding a camera lens facing toward the viewer. 2) a pink frosted donut on a plate. 3) a scenic view of a winding road on a coastal cliff. each image includes text encouraging user interaction on social media.

Although users must pay VSCO to access VSCO Hub, the platform does not take a cut from the money a business pays a photographer.

“The VSCO Hub is almost liked Linkedin,” VSCO’s relatively new CEO, Eric Wittman, who joined the company last September, explained to Tech Crunch. “Brands act as recruiters, and they can easily find someone for their pojects and connect with them,” Wittman continued.

While photographers don’t have to pay to use VSCO, they must be a Pro Member to take advantage of VSCO Hub. This starts at $12.99 per month or $59.99 annually. Alongside VSCO Hub, the VSCO Pro subscription includes editing tools on mobile and desktop, premium presets with refined controls, cloud syncing across devices, Adobe Lightroom integration, video grading tools, full community access, a professional profile, and more. Complete details for VSCO’s membership options are available on VSCO’s website.

Image credits: VSCO