Randy Johnson: From Hall of Fame Pitcher to Pro Photographer

Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Randy Johnson is a passionate and skillful photographer pursuing wildlife, music concerts, and travel photography. When Johnson retired from Major League Baseball in 2010, he returned to his photography major (photojournalism) from 1983 to 1985 at the University of Southern California.

Randy Johnson Photographed the Seahawks Game After Raising the 12 Flag

Baseball pitching legend Randy Johnson made an appearance at the NFL game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers this past weekend. After receiving the honor of raising the team's 12 flag as the special celebrity guest, Johnson didn't step into luxury box seats to watch the rest of the game in comfort. Instead, he picked up his DSLR kits, put on a vest, and stepped onto the sidelines to shoot the game as one of the photographers.

Randy Johnson’s Strange Photography Logo is the Bird He Hit with a Pitch

We recently shared how baseball legend (and hall of famer as of this week) Randy Johnson has been working as a professional photographer, rekindling the passion that he developed while majoring in photojournalism in college. His website contains an impressive collection of travel and concert photographs.

It's not just his photography that people are talking about, though -- his strange logo (shown above) is bringing him quite a bit of attention.