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Randy Johnson’s Strange Photography Logo is the Bird He Hit with a Pitch



We recently shared how baseball legend (and hall of famer as of this week) Randy Johnson has been working as a professional photographer, rekindling the passion that he developed while majoring in photojournalism in college. His website contains an impressive collection of travel and concert photographs.

It’s not just his photography that people are talking about, though — his strange logo (shown above) is bringing him quite a bit of attention.

While featuring a dead bird in a business logo probably isn’t the best idea for most photographers, it has been quite successful in marketing Johnson’s photography talents. People are now talking about the logo and Johnson’s photography all over the Internet. Here’s MLB columnist Jeff Passan:

Most baseball fans pick up on the inside joke right away: it pays homage to the bird Johnson whacked with a 99MPH fastball back in 2001:

One Reddit user offers this humorous explanation for the logo choice: It’s “because he only takes those once in a lifetime shots.”