Adobe Adds ‘Refine Edge’ Brush to Photoshop on the iPad

Adobe continues to update and improve Photoshop on the iPad. The December update brought Subject Select, February was Object Select, May brought Curves and Pen Pressure Sensitivity, and today's update adds another very important selection tool: the Refine Edge brush.

Adobe Reveals the Major Updates Coming Soon to Photoshop on iPad

When Adobe released the first version of "full" Photoshop for iPad, the company reassured us that updates to this limited first version "will be impactful, and frequent." Today, Adobe followed up on that promise by revealing some of the major updates that will be coming to the app in the coming months.

Photoshop for iPad is Getting Terrible Early Reviews

Adobe generated considerable hype when it teased "full" Photoshop for iPad last year. The app officially launched to the public this week, and it hasn't exactly lived up to the hype. In fact, it's been quite the opposite: early reviews from users have been terrible.

Photoshop on iPad Isn’t Complete, But Adobe Promises it Will Be — Do You Believe Them?

Adobe has launched Photoshop on the iPad, a fully rebuilt application on the real base of Photoshop that purportedly runs smoothly and efficiently despite being on the pseudo computer that is the Apple tablet. Normally, this achievement would be seen as a gigantic accomplishment, but multiple stories over the past year have put a damper on what would otherwise be a celebrated announcement.

Photoshop on iPad Has Arrived

Adobe just launched Photoshop on iPad. After murmurings and a confirmation last year that the company would be bringing "full Photoshop" to the iPad, version 1.0 of the brand new app finally launched to the public today.

This is the Full Photoshop Coming to the iPad

We learned earlier this year that Adobe is working on bringing a full version of Photoshop to the Apple iPad, and today the company officially announced it: "real" Photoshop power is coming to the popular tablet in 2019.