Project OneRollFifty2: Shoot One Roll of Film Each Week for a Year

For a long time, photographer Travis Lawton had been toying with two ideas: shooting film for the first time since he was 6 years old, and doing a 365 project where he shot something every day for a year. Instead of choosing one, he decided to mix the two desires into a project he felt he could realistically keep up with for an entire year; that's how he came up with Project OneRollFifty2.

Photog Uses Everything from Cheez Whiz to Dead Skin to Create Unique Prints

Photographer Matthew Brandt takes a unique approach to photography, where the subject of the photographs take second place to the methods he uses to print them. His photography -- ranging in subject from lakes to buildings to bees -- have been printed using everything from dust, to Kool-Aid, to human tears.

Embroidered Photographs That Illustrate the Failures of Photography

Diane Meyer's "Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten" project isn't so much about what photography can do, but rather what photography can't do. By embroidering pixel patterns into sections of her photographs, Meyer's work focuses on the inability of photography to truly preserve "experience and personal history."

Digitally Altered Images That Turn Ornate Picture Frames Into Art

On a trip to the famous Louvre in Paris, photographer and artist Taylor Holland found himself more drawn in by the highly ornate frames around the art than with the art itself. This got him thinking about a project that would challenge "the viewer’s notion not only of what art is, but the viewer’s own perceptions about where to find and appreciate art in various settings such as the Louvre." Thus was born Fra[mes].

Photographs of Michael Jackson Tribute Artists and Impersonators

The Michael Jacksons, by photographer and social scientist Lorena Turner, is a study of people who make a living or perform as the late great Michael Jackson. In her own words:
It is an index of the refraction of Michael Jackson's public persona within the culture by exploring issues of fantasy, reality and representation as influenced by and filtered through cultural experience.