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Photog Uses Everything from Cheez Whiz to Dead Skin to Create Unique Prints



Photographer Matthew Brandt takes a unique approach to photography, where the subject of the photographs take second place to the methods he uses to print them. His photography — ranging in subject from lakes to buildings to bees — have been printed using everything from dust, to Kool-Aid, to human tears.

Here are a few examples of Brandt’s strange (and strangely beautiful) work:


Mary’s Lake, Chromogenic print soaked in Mary’s Lake water (top). Multi-layered Silkscreen Print with Cheez Whiz on Paper (above). Sylvan Lake, Chromogenic print soaked in Sylvan Lake water (below).


Color Silkscreen on paper with raspberry-lemonade, tropical punch, lemonade and grape Kool-Aid (below).


Color Silkscreen on paper with Winterfresh, Double Bubble, Juicy Fruit, Bubbilicious grape and Doublemint gum (below).


Gum Bichromate print made with dust swept from Suite 400 (below).


In an e-mail conversation with Slate, Brandt describes his work as an “interaction between materials an image.” Always gathering new materials, he’s collected shelves worth of organic substances that help to add another dimension to his photography.

You can see more of Brandt’s work, complete with descriptions of the unique printing method used for each photo, by visiting his website.

(via Slate)

Image credits: Photography by Matthew Brandt.