People Have No Idea What a DSLR Actually Is

Even though the heyday of the DSLR is well behind us, it does not seem like we're going to shed the acronym any time soon. A newly-published shopping guide by the New York Post confirms as much: nearly half of its picks for "Best DSLRs" are actually mirrorless cameras.

Instagram is Now Hiding Photoshopped Photos

In an effort to combat misinformation and fake news, Instagram recently rolled out a new feature that flags fake photos. But now some photographers are wondering whether the system is going too far and making it harder to share and view certain types of photography.

Facebook is Now Fact-Checking Photos

Facebook is making it a priority these days to fight misinformation being spread on its social network, and the company has just announced that it's now fact-checking photos and videos being shared by users.

The Praying Monks, or: How Quickly False Facts Can Spread for Viral Photos

It's pretty common for great images to go viral on social media sites, but what happens when a photo goes viral with an incorrect caption... twice? Bangkok-based photographer Luke Duggleby recently experienced that firsthand when his 2010 image of 40,000 Thai monks in prayer at the Dhammakaya Temple made the rounds on social media following the Nepal earthquake, captioned as "100,000 monks in prayer after the Nepal earthquake as a necessary gesture of power." Years ago, the image had gone viral in a similar fashion, only that time it was captioned "praying monks in Myanmar."