Happy Meal Photographed Weekly Shows No Change After Half Year

New York City photographer Sally Davies purchased a McDonalds Happy Meal on April 10th of this year and left it out uncovered on her coffee table to prove wrong a friend who said it would rot after only a few days. After about two weeks of photographing the food, Davies realized that absolutely nothing was happening, so she began taking pictures once a week. After 180 days Davies shot the 27th photograph, with the meal looking almost identical to when she first bought it. The 1st and 27th photograph taken half a year apart are shown above.

Thanks to Davies, we now know that if your project involves making a time-lapse of food decomposing, you probably don’t want to go with McDonalds. You can also stock up on Happy Meals if you’re wary of a zombie apocalypse.

Check out the entire project on this Flickr set.

Image credits: Photographs by Sally Davies and used with permission