My Process for Creating Insect Portraits with Macro Photography

Each print that I create is a composite of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of individual photos digitally stitched together. Using a method of macro photography called “photo stacking” it’s possible to create images with an incredible amount of detail, even when printed on a very large scale.

How Images of Coronavirus Are Made

How do you go about capturing images of a coronavirus, which is too small to see with a standard light microscope? Here's a 5-minute video in which Vox explains how two electron microscopy techniques give us views of what the SARS-CoV-2 virus looks like.

A Look at Creating 360° VR Content for Clients

The first 2.5 months of the 2019 year were filled with excitement, learning, stress, editing, headache, more learning, and more editing as I dove in head-first to creating a 360° VR promo video for a client. This is a look into its creation and how it’s done.

Shooting Overhead Action Photos of Tennessee Basketball

If you've followed Tennessee basketball, chances are you've seen one of those really cool overhead photos. That top-down, bird's eye view is something you don't see every day, and only very few have access to capturing this unique angle.

How Barbie Product Photos Are Shot

In an age in which over 75% of IKEA catalog "photos" are actually computer generated images, the Barbie brand is still sticking to some good old fashioned photo shoots. It just released the 2-minute video above that offers a behind-the-scenes look at a recent Barbie Dreamtopia photo shoot.

Shooting High-Speed Water Drop Photos From Start to Finish

Over the past couple of years, German photographer Markus Reugels has attracted quite a bit of attention for his high-speed photographs of water drop splashes. His project, titled "Liquid Splashes", consists of split-second photos that make colorful splashes look like tiny glass sculptures hovering in the air above a mirror. In the video above, Reugels introduces himself and his work, and takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour showing how he goes about creating his beautiful photographs.