Fotodiox Pro WonderPanda filter system -- April Fools Day 2024

Your Landscape Photos Are Missing Something: Cartoon Panda Bears

Fotodiox, makers of photography products such as the super-thin Pro Fusion Sony E to Nikon Z autofocus adapter and the RhinoCam Vertex stitching adapters for using medium-format lenses on full-frame cameras, has announced a new filter system for ultra-wide lenses, the WonderPanda.

LEE Filters Unveils LEE85 Filter System for APS-C Mirrorless Cameras

UK-based LEE Filters has released a brand new filter system that was designed to work best with smaller mirrorless cameras like Fuji's X-series. The LEE85 System aims to give mirrorless APS-C shooters a more portable and size-appropriate option, without skimping on features.

MagFilter Uses Magnets to Give High-End Compacts Some Filter Love

Compact cameras are becoming pretty serious photography tools when it comes to sensor sizes and lens qualities, but one thing they generally lack is an easy-to-use filter system. Interchangeable-lens photographers can usually just find a filter of the correct diameter and use it with their lens, but things get more complicated when you're dealing with fixed-lens cameras. Although using filters is possible with some models, the systems aren't very friendly: they're usually proprietary, expensive, or based on unwieldy adapters.

That all changes with the new MagFilter by CarrySpeed, an easy-to-use filter system for compact cameras based on magnets rather than threads.