NiSi Launches the V7 100mm Filter Holder System

NiSi has announced the V7 100mm Filter Holder Kit that includes a new True Color NC Circular Polarizer (CPL). The company says the system is the most advanced it has ever created.

NiSi says that the V7 allows for the easy use of up to three 100mm wide, 2mm thick filters along with an included new True Color Circular Polarizer filter that it claims has no vignetting at 16mm on full-frame cameras. The holder itself is made of “aviation grade” aluminum with single element processing performed by a CNC machine and a matte black frosted finish to minimize reflections.

The V7 features what NiSi calls a unique rotation wheel design which allows the CPL filter to be rotated independently with filters still in place via a cog on the back of the filter holder.

The CPL itself prevents the yellow cast that NiSi says is introduced by “most” CPLs. Additionally, it features the company’s proprietary Pro Nano Coating that it says reduces unwanted reflections and provides a waterproof and oil-resistant layer that assists in the cleaning of fingerprints, dust, and water stains.

“Our new Point to Point CPL Design allows for easier guided installation of the CPL into the main 82mm adapter,” NiSi says. “By lining the white markers on the CPL up with the white mark on the main adapter and twisting, you can easily secure the CPL in place, and remove it with little effort.”

The filter holder uses a clip system that is designed to grip only the edges of a filter to avoid contacting the surface. Thanks to this system, NiSi says that filters are easy to insert and contact with a filter’s primary surface is avoided. NiSi says this is particularly important when using graduated filters, as their effect can be adjusted to better suit changing lighting conditions or creative demands by allowing them to be easily slid up or down within the filter slot.

The V7 kit comes with the 100mm filter holder, the True Color CPL, four adapter rings for the most popular wide-angle lenses (67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm), a lens cap, and a storage pouch. The system is available immediately from NiSi directly for $249.