Canon Teases an EOS R System Reveal

The image displays the Canon logo, featuring the word "Canon" in red letters with a white outline against a dark red and black gradient background. The letter "o" is stylized as a camera lens.

Canon Europe has launched a new teaser on YouTube, alerting photographers that there will be a Canon EOS R System announcement next Wednesday, July 17.

Update 7/10: Canon’s announcement will be on July 17th at 6 AM ET (3 AM PT). An earlier version of this article had an incorrect time.

Update 7/10: Canon USA has begun its teaser campaign, publishing the banner below on its YouTube channel, and posting on X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

The image shows a digital rendering featuring a glowing red ring on a black background, with text inside the ring that reads "EOS R, 07. 17. 24, 6:00 AM EDT, 3:00 AM PDT.

While there is a two-minute trailer on the YouTube event page, embedded below, it is just a fancy animation showing the time of the announcement, which will be at 6 AM ET (3 AM PT) on July 17.

Even as teasers go, Canon’s features limited information. The video’s description only says, “The countdown to Canon’s EOS R System live event has begun. Join the excitement here on Wednesday, July 17th 2024 at 11:00 BST and 12:00 CEST. We can’t wait!”

That said, the video comes just over three months after Canon announced the development of the long-awaited Canon EOS R1 flagship mirrorless camera, so the reasonable expectation is that the R1 will be part of the Canon EOS R System event next week.

Front view of a black Canon EOS R1 camera with a large lens. The camera has a textured grip, various buttons, and the Canon logo on the top. The lens attached is a Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, with markings visible on the lens barrel.
Canon has shown the EOS R1 flagship camera and made some ambitious promises about its performance, but hasn’t detailed any of the camera’s features or specifications.

Canon has also set up a premiere page on its Japanese YouTube channel, and while the information is different, it is similarly limited. However, Canon Japan does reference “the long-awaited Canon EOS new product launch,” which adds a bit more juice to the expectation for the R1, not that it was necessarily required.

Canon hasn’t shared much info about the EOS R1 thus far. However, it has shown what the camera will look like, and PetaPixel has compared it to the similarly styled EOS R3. Specific details are limited, but Canon does promise that the EOS R1 will combine “cutting-edge technology” and “top-class performance,” while promising the durability of a flagship camera model. Canon also says the camera will deliver significantly improved still photo and video performance for “sports, news reporting, and video production” applications.

Assuming Canon can get the EOS R1 into the hands of pro photographers in Paris for the 2024 Summer Olympics, which start late this month and run into the second week of August, the camera will be a solid choice.

In any event, photographers won’t have to wait long to see what Canon has up its sleeve.

Image credits: Canon. Header photo created using an asset licensed via Depositphotos.