Profoto Fresnel Small Promises Nostalgic, Cinematic Portrait Light

A person wearing glasses holds a Profoto Fresnel Small lighting unit, preparing to adjust or position it. The background is dimly lit with a mottled pattern, creating a dramatic and focused atmosphere.

Profoto has announced the Fresnel Small, a light modifier that promises to create a precise beam of light. The new modifier works alongside a wide variety of Profoto lights.

The light modifier has a 200mm (7.9-inch) Fresnel lens, promising a “crisp, clean beam for selective lighting or sunlight effects.” Profoto says the Fresnel Small is compatible with both flat and protruded flash heads, although it notes that photographers working with the popular B10-series lights should use a stand adapter for added stability.

A black Profoto Fresnel Small spotlight with a cylindrical shape, ventilation slits, a handle on top, and a lens mount at the front. The brand logo "Profoto" and model name "Fresnel Small" are prominently displayed on the side.
Profoto Fresnel Small

The Fresnel Small includes a built-in iris that allows photographers to adjust the beam angle. This enables users to manage the angle accurately and precisely, as demonstrated in Profoto’s short video below.

Fresnel lights are popular for photographers aiming to create a hard-edged beam of light. This effect can be challenging to achieve with many lights and modifiers, so a Fresnel light is a relatively distinct tool. It can help portrait artists create dramatic shadows and highlights.

A person wearing glasses adjusts a Profoto Fresnel Small studio light. The individual is using both hands to fine-tune the light's position. The background is softly lit, creating a professional studio atmosphere.

The company says the Profoto Fresnel Small light modifier creates a cinematic look, promising it is “an easy-to-use Fresnel that offers the characteristic light of Hollywood nostalgia in the style of cinematic lighting of today.”

Close-up of a round black camera lens cover with concentric circular patterns. The cover has a central transparent section and ridged outer edges. There's a small, rectangular protrusion for easy handling at the top.
The front diameter of the Fresnel Small is 200 millimeters (20 centimeters, 7.9 inches).

“It doesn’t matter which Profoto flash head you are using, if flat fronts or protruded heads, the Fresnel Small facilitates effortless, classic cinematic portraits. By simply mounting it onto your Profoto flash head, you’ll be ready to shoot and meet your exact vision,” Profoto promises.

The state-of-the-art light shaping tool is relatively expensive, available to order now for $1,495. Of course, the Profoto Fresnel Small is a modifier, so it requires a separate light to operate. As mentioned, it is compatible with any of Profoto’s lights. If an additional stand is necessary to use the new Fresnel Small with a specific light model, the new Profoto Stand Adapter Pro is available now for $139. Given that the Fresnel Small focuses light using carefully engineered glass, it is essential to note that it features a vented housing, ensuring it can safely withstand rigorous professional use.

Image credits: Profoto