The MagFlash Crams Charging and 512GB Data Storage Into One Cable

Illustration of various yellow charging cables against a futuristic, illuminated background. The cables are highlighted, converging into a coiled form, with one labeled "AOHi."

While data storage, charging, and the cables accompanying these accessories aren’t always the most exciting, they represent a crucial part of a photography suite of gear. The new AOHi MagFlash aims to become a necessity by combining speed, convenience, durability, and storage.

“We’ve been brainstorming ways to simplify users’ charging and storage needs across various scenarios, aiming to reduce the stress of choosing from too many options and accessory costs.” AOHi General Manager Mu Yi said in a release.

A smartphone mounted on a small tripod on a wooden table captures a video of a person sitting on a couch. The phone is connected to a laptop displaying video editing software, showing the same scene on its screen. The background shows a blurred living room.

The just-launched cable boasts a USB 3.2 specification and is capable of max sequential read and write speeds of 1,000 MB/s; in other words, it is able to transfer a 1GB file within a second. It also offers 512 GB of storage and its transfer speeds and matched with impressive charging prowess as well. With 240W, AOHi says it can bring a 16-inch MacBook Pro to 56 percent in 30 minutes.

A person holds a smartphone mounted on a handheld stabilizer, recording a video in a forest. The smartphone screen shows the view of tall trees surrounding the person. An attachment is connected to the phone's charging port.

It works with all type-C devices, whether that’s a laptop, tablet, phone, smart TV, camera, or otherwise. AOHi further notes that its MagFlash cable is lightweight and durable enough to take a few bumps. Users can additionally take advantage of the customizable cable lengths.

As is the case with many novel tech ideas, the MagFlash is looking at crowdfunding to come to market. The Kickstarter campaign has a goal of $5,000, which it has already accelerated far beyond with a backing of $57,894 as of the time of this writing. For their pledges, backers can receive various awards depending on the amount they give and availability.

First is the Super Early Bird MagFlash reward, which comes with one MagFlash device, various cable lengths, and an 18-month warranty. At $119, it includes a 40-percent discount ($80) off the standard retail price. Once that group sells out, backers will have to settle for the Early Bird version which runs $129, which is a 35-percent discount.

A laptop with a vibrant, abstract screen is placed on a dark desk. It is connected to a power outlet on the wall through a yellow braided charging cable. The sleek, modern setup contrasts with the black background.

Additionally, there is a Super Early Bird Double Pack reward which comes with two MacFlash devices, as well as the additional cable lengths and 18-month warranty for a $209 backing. This is a 47-percent discount ($189) from the retail price. The Early Bird version costs $219, which makes it a 45-percent discount.

There’s also a Super Early Bird Power Kit reward for $169. This comes with the MagFlash, the additional cable lengths, the 18-month warranty, and an AOHi 140W GaN Fast Charger. The Super Early Bird option represents a 48-percent discount ($159) off the retail price. The Early Bird reward will cost $179, a 45-percent discount.

And while the goal amount has already been exceeded, AOHi offers additional stretch goals. If the campaign reaches $150,000, MagFlashes with come with a free carabiner. There are two more stretch goals for $300,000 and $500,000, which each offer “mystery prizes.”

AOHi’s Kickstarter campaign page says mass production will begin next month with shipping starting in July.

Disclaimer: Make sure you do your own research into any crowdfunding project you’re considering backing. While we aim to only share legitimate and trustworthy campaigns, there’s always a real chance that you can lose your money when backing any crowdfunded project. PetaPixel does not participate in any affiliate programs with crowdfunding campaigns.

Image credits: AOHi