Shanghai Launches Versatile Shenguang 400 Color Negative Film

Left: a film canister next to a small red soda can with cyrillic script. right: a light brown and white dog resting its head on a green surface, looking directly at the camera.

It feels like only yesterday when there was a steady stream of news about film stocks being discontinued. Lately, however, there have been new film products hitting the scene, which is incredible news for analog photography enthusiasts.

The latest new film comes from the Chinese company Shanghai — yes, like the city. The new color negative 35mm film is called Shenguang 400, likely named after Shenguang Mountain, which is itself named after Shenguang Temple. As spotted by Kosmo Foto, the film promises accurate color reproduction, high saturation and resolution, and wide exposure latitude.

The film was initially available for preorder earlier this year, but has now made it onto Shanghai’s online shop. The new film is $12.99 for a single roll or $120.99 for a 10-pack, a slight savings.

As far as 36-shot rolls of film are concerned, $12.99 is a very competitive price. It’s a bit pricier than something like Fujifilm 400, which is $8.39 a canister, but significantly cheaper than something like Dubblefilm’s experimental Solar 400 for $20.

As noted by Kosmo Foto, while the shop listing shows packaging with “Shanghai 400,” which was the original name for the film — it will now be marketed as Shenguang 400.

Over on Reddit’s r/AnalogCommunity subreddit, user Jmadden64 has gotten their hands on the new film, speculating that the Shenguang 400 may be a repackaged version of Wolfen NC400. Repackaged film is common, and in fact, happens quite frequently. Jmadden adds that while the new film looks similar to Wolfen’s, the Shenguang 400 has superior packaging.

Concerning Wolfen NC400, that’s actually on sale right now for $10, a $8.50 instant savings.

Shanghai itself is believed to sell other rebranded products, such as its GP3 100 and 400 black-and-white films, which some photographers believe are rebranded ORWO film stocks.

Sample Images

Shanghai has published some photos captured using Shenguang 400, seen below.

An old building facade covered in dried vines under clear skies, featuring large windows and a balcony with an ornate railing.

A silhouette of birds flying in the evening sky, framed by urban buildings and electrical wires against a dusky backdrop.

A brown and white dog with fluffy ears lying comfortably on a green and brown blanket, looking directly at the camera with a gentle gaze.

A dark car parked outdoors at dusk with colorful light reflections on its surface, highlighting the sleek curves and glossy finish of the vehicle.

Shanghai’s Shenguang 400 color negative film is available to order now.

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Image credits: Shanghai