Google Doodle Transforms Six Aerial Photos Into its Logo for Earth Day 2024

Six aerial satellite images showcasing diverse landscapes: an island, marine life, geological formations, river patterns, and differently structured terrains. each image highlights unique natural patterns and colors.

Google has marked Earth Day 2024 today (April 22) with a Doodle of six aerial photographs from around the world that spell out the search engine’s name.

In its annual Doodle for Earth Day, Google transformed the letters of its name into a series of six aerial photos selected from all six continents around the world.

Using satellite technology, the search engine giant created a collage with each Google letter that shows the global sustainability efforts within each continent.

Google also released a one-minute YouTube video that gives insight into how they carefully selected each of the six aerial photographs of our planet’s natural beauty and the process that went into turning these shots into the company’s logo as well as an emblem of Earth Day’s importance.

A collage of six aerial photographs featuring diverse landscapes: a lush green forest, a vibrant blue atoll, a detailed tree trunk cross-section, winding river channels, and two arid desert environments.

A closer look into each of the letters on the Doodle unveils nature spots across the globe including the Turks and Caicos Islands, Scorpion Reef National Park in Mexico, Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland, Jaú National Park in Brazil, Great Green Wall in Nigeria, and Pilbara Islands Nature Reserves in Australia. Each location is committed to preserving biodiversity, natural resources, and endangered species.

The company says that today’s Doodle serves as a reminder for Google Users to adopt sustainable practices and conserve resources.

“The Google letters showcase some of the places across the globe where people, communities, and governments work every day to help protect the planet’s natural beauty, biodiversity, and resources,” Google says in a statement.

“These examples offer the promise of hope and optimism, but also remind us that there’s much more to do to address the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.”

Earth Day, which is celebrated annually on April 22, aims to raise awareness about the issues surrounding the environment while encouraging people to take small steps in their daily lives towards protecting our planet.

This year’s theme “Planet vs. Plastics” highlights the severe problem of plastic pollution and calls for a 60% reduction in total plastic production by 2040.

It urges people to confront the health risks of plastics, eliminate single-use plastics, push for a United Nations (UN) treaty to tackle plastic pollution, and break free from the wasteful world of fast fashion.

Image credits: Photos via Google