Lomography Reveals Stylish Travel Versions of Its Lomo’Instant Cameras

The Lomo'Instant Automat and Lomo'Instant Wide el Nil versions sit on a tan background with an Egyptian scene faded in the background.

Travel lovers who want their camera to reflect their passion for exploration have two new options, thanks to a new release from Lomography. The two el Nil versions of its instant cameras feature Egyptian scenes.

Lomography is undoubtedly keeping busy so far this year. Earlier this month, the analog photography company released a new, pocketable film camera that uses 110 film. The Lomomatic 110 is a small, rectangular camera with a removable flash and a compact design for easy carrying.

Before that, in February, it released new, colorful versions of its popular Sprocket Rocket panorama film camera, which has been a favorite among 35mm photography enthusiasts since 2011.

The new el Nil editions are not new cameras but a facelift for two existing devices, much like the colorful new Sprocket Rocket. This time, though, the Lomo’Instant Automat Camera and Lomo’Instant Wide Camera have received a fresh look.

“This travel-inspired collection is designed to inspire photographers and adventurers alike to capture their memories and experiences, Lomo’Instant style,” Lomography explains.

The Lomo’Instant Automat features a postcard-like design on the white body with a warm image of the Nile and the pyramids. The image is featured on both the back and the front of the camera for an exciting look no matter what side is facing out. The Lomo’Instant Wide features images of sailboats on the water on the front, while the back is covered in a picture of a camel and palm trees on the riverside with the pyramids in the background.

The front and back of the Lomo'Instant Wide el Nil against a white background.

Lomography released the Lomo’Instant Wide in 2015. This instant camera features an advanced automatic shutter with experimental shooting modes and a built-in flash. It is built with a 90mm lens (35mm equivalent) but has an ultra-wide and close-up lens attachment for more variety. It also has a Splitzer lens attachment to help you achieve creative shots. The camera uses Fujifilm Instax Wide film, which is relatively affordable and easy to find.

The front and back of the Lomo'Instant Automat el Nil against a white background.

The Lomo’Instant Automat Camera was launched in 2016. Lomography touted it as the most advanced automatic instant camera at the time. It offers a fully automatic aperture, shutter speed, and flash with plenty of experimental features. Like the Lomo’Instant Wide, the Automat comes with wide-angle, close-up, and fisheye lens attachments, making it more versatile than the built-in 60mm lens would offer on its own. It also uses Fujifilm film, though the Automat is only compatible with the smaller Instax Mini film.

Lomo’Instant Automat el Nil and Lomo’Instant Wide el Nil are available for purchase now at the Lomography website for $199 and $219, respectively.

Image credits: Lomography