Lomography Channels Summer Spirit With Colorful Beach-Themed Camera

A woman holds the LomoApparat Fluffy Omelet Edition at a beach.

Lomography is keeping fans engaged this spring with a continuous stream of releases.

In February, the analog photography company released vibrantly colorful versions of its trendy Sprocket Rocket panorama film camera. The company followed that up with the release of a brand-new camera. The Lomomatic 110 is a unique, pocket-sized film camera with a narrow, rectangular format. Then, towards the end of March, Lomography released special Nils editions of its Lomo’Instant Automat and Lomo’Instant Wide Cameras, each designed with an Egyptian travel theme.

Lomography Fluffy Omelet graphic

This time, Lomography has announced its latest artist collaboration, centered around the LomoApparat. Proei-Natchariya Laosrisin, aka Fluffy Omelet, is the up-and-coming Thai artist behind the new camera design. The new look pays homage to sunny beach days and carefree summers. It depicts people laying out at the beach with all the necessary beach day items on the front, with a dog and surfboard-clad car driving to the seaside on the back. The edge of the camera is plastered in a blue sky with fluffy clouds. It’s a vibrant and playful design with lots of colors.

A woman holds the LomoApparat Fluffy Omelet Edition at a beach.

This marks the fourth edition of the LomoApparat, which is a limited edition, though Lomography didn’t specify how long it will be around. Beyond the design, the rest of the camera remains the same as the original version. The LomoApparate is a wide-angle 35mm film camera built with a 21mm lens. It’s an easy-to-use point-and-shoot, making it a fun camera to pick up, even for those who don’t have photography experience.

The LomoApparat features a built-in flash, making it possible to shoot even in low-light situations. Though the camera is fully automatic, it offers a long exposure switch and allows users to attach a tripod for sturdy long exposures. There’s also a multiple exposure switch for creative shots, providing more control.

Lomography Fluffy Omelet details

Lomography Fluffy Omelet details

Lomography includes plenty of extras with the camera to allow users to stretch their creativity. That includes a colored gel slider for casting colors with the flash. A kaleidoscope attachment results in unpredictable, experimental effects. The Lomography Splitzer lens attachment enables unique multiple exposure compositions. Finally, a 0.2m close-up lens attachment makes it possible to get close-up shots, adding versatility. It also comes with a detachable metal chain wrist strap.

The Lomography LomoApparat Fluffy Omelet Edition is available for sale now at Lomography’s website for $99.

Image credits: Photographs by Lomography