The Calibrite Display 123 is a Super-Simple Monitor Calibrator for Anyone

Calibrite Display 123

The average photographer, and certainly the average consumer, likely believes two things about monitor calibration: it’s confusing and difficult. Even if neither are necessarily true, it’s a hurdle that Calibrite hopes it has finally jumped.

Calibrite, the brand name formerly known as X-Rite, announced the Display 123, a monitor calibrator that is aimed not even at photographers or filmmakers — the traditional audience for monitor calibration — but at the general, everyday computer user.

“Get and keep your monitor color right for editing, gaming and any time color-accurate viewing is important (like clothes shopping or home decorating),” Calibrite says.

The company says that monitors, regardless of their age, don’t always display colors accurately. That’s true, although it remains to be seen if Calibrite’s goal of getting the average internet user to calibrate their monitor will stick.

Calibrite Display 123

Still, it’s still a genuine concern for photo editors and many likely have never calibrated their displays. Even though Calibrite still offers its professionally-oriented series of color checkers — which are not hard to use — the new Display 123 is designed to take that process and make it even simpler.

The Display 123 requires fewer steps to use than any of Calibrite’s — or X-Rite’s, for that matter — previous calibrators. Users need to connect the calibrator to the monitor, set the brightness of the display to either “Native” or “Photo,” start the Calibrite Profiler software, and then tell the device to start. From there, the Display 123 performs its calibration automatically and, when it completes, it will show a “before and after” so users can see what it has done.

Calibrite Display 123

“The Calibrite Display 123 is a user-friendly monitor calibration device which ensures true colors with effortless accuracy. The simple design and easy-to-use software helps to enhance visuals, edit with confidence, boost your creativity, and makes shopping and decorating decisions more accurate,” Calibrite says.

The Display 123 is so simple that it doesn’t appear to even tell the user what color gamut it is calibrating monitors to and it is only capable of calibrating a maximum of two monitors at a time — both of which require USB-C connectivity.

Calibrite says the Display 123 is “coming soon” and will retail for $120.

Image credits: Calibrite