All The Wild Things People Are Doing With the Apple Vision Pro Since its Launch

Apple Vision Pro viral

The Apple Vision Pro was released this weekend and it hasn’t taken long for people to engage in whacky antics with the mixed-reality headset.

Videos have already surfaced of a man driving a Tesla Cybertruck while wearing the spatial computing device — something that is not encouraged. Other people have been taking their headsets to the gym or eating dinner in a restaurant with the goggles attached to their heads.

One man was apparently arrested for driving with the Vision Pro attached to his head. A man called Dante who says he lives in Palo Alto shared a video on X (formerly Twitter) of him driving a Tesla while using the device, keying in the air as he sits behind the wheel. Later in the video police arrive but it is an unconfirmed incident.

Apple explicitly states: “Never use Apple Vision Pro while operating a moving vehicle, bicycle, heavy machinery, or in any other situations requiring attention to safety,” in the safety information.

YouTuber Casey Neistat made an interesting real-world review of the Vision Pro in which he brought the $3,500 headset along with him on the New York subway and into Times Square where he sat on a bench and watched Mr. Beast videos.

The vlogger attracted plenty of attention as he went into a doughnut shop and never once took the goggles off. Neistat, who called the Vision Pro the “greatest piece of tech I’ve ever used”, said that after a couple of hours running around New York, his brain forgot he was looking through “cameras and screens”, calling it a “profound” moment.

‘Earth is Doomed’

Reading the comments, people generally seem to think the Vision Pro is a harbinger of doom for humanity. But, as expected, people engaged in some good-natured humor. Here are some of the best memes.

Last week, PetaPixel rounded up what professional reviewers have said about the groundbreaking device but the general consensus is that the technology still has some way to go before it takes off in a big way.