See One of the Apple Vision Pro’s Incredible Immersive Environments

Apple Vision Pro headset

Apple’s revolutionary Vision Pro AR/VR headset is slated to arrive early next year for $3,499, and developers have already been working on software for the device.

Per X (formerly Twitter) user M1Astra, a developer has revealed how the Vision Pro headset can show a user interface against a vast, floating 3D environment, like the wintry scene from Yosemite seen below.

As seen on Apple Insider, the Vision Pro’s VisionOS can show a user’s apps “immersed in a totally different environment,” which will potentially help users create enchanting, serene virtual workspaces that drown out potential distractions. Further, the videos don’t fully capture the immersion of Vision Pro, as the videos are a 2D representation of what is, ultimately, a simulated 3D environment. There is also a dark version that X’s compression butchers, but may be quite nice in real life.

Apple Insider cites X user Piotr Baczynski, who writes, “This experience is really powerful on [Apple Vision Pro]. The first time I tried it, [I] almost felt the cold!”

When Apple announced Vision Pro at WWDC, a limited number of people tried the headset for themselves and found that there were 14 available environments, including the wintry Yosemite scene and Haleakala in Hawaii.

It will be fascinating to see if people can use the headset’s 3D cameras to capture photos that can then be used to create custom immersive environments. It is easy to imagine many more amazing 3D scenes, including beautiful night skies and some of the planet’s most stunning remote locations.

As more developers work with Vision Pro, there are sure to be more details trickled out about the headset leading up to its launch next year, which rumors suggest could be in March. Apple’s official stance remains that the Vision Pro will be “available early next year in the U.S.,” with additional markets to follow.

The Apple Vision Pro is undoubtedly an incredible and exciting piece of technology. However, it remains to be seen how a $3,500 (before tax) headset will make inroads into a relatively challenging market. As jaw-dropping as they are, the headset must deliver customers much more than immersive backgrounds for their apps.