The Frame are Open Source and AI-Equipped AR Smart Glasses

Promising grand “AI Superpowers,” the Frame from Brilliant Labs is a pair of augmented reality smart glasses that are open-source and include support for live translation and AI visual recognition.

These $350 smart glasses are equipped with a multimodal artificial intelligence that is built to be open source and can provide the wearer with real-time object recognition, web search, translation, and general visual analysis of whatever they’re pointed at.

The Frame takes the idea of Google Glass but wraps it in a design that’s a lot more like “normal” eyewear, albeit they are still a bit avant-garde in their appearance. Brilliant Labs says they are designed to fit “most people” and weigh less than 40 grams.

the Frame AR smart glasses

“Frame has been designed for an IPD (inter-pupillary distance) range of 58-72mm. This covers most, but not all, people and we suggest using the Eye Measure app to gauge whether Frame is suitable for you,” Brilliant Labs writes.

They also promise all-day battery life during “estimated normal use” when combined with an included “Mister Power.” The “Mister Power” is a fast charging unit that connects via USB-C and when the Frame is charging, it is designed to look like a cute orange nose.

Mister Power

The augmented reality vision is brought to wearers thanks to a micro OLED that is bonded to a thin geometric prism optic that can display a diagonal field of view of about 20 degrees to an area of 640 by 400 pixels. The Frame smart glasses use a small 1,280 x 720 camera. And, unlike other smart glasses that are on the market now or have been there before, Frame promises that it is open source and its design files and code can be found on Github.

As reported by The Verge, Frame smart glasses are designed to work in tandem with an app called Noa, which contains an AI assistant that uses OpenAI technology to process visual analysis. Wearers can also talk to the glasses for translation or web search.

At launch, Noa is free to use but is subject to a “daily cap,” the limits of which the company doesn’t share on its website. Brilliant Labs does intend to charge for a subscription to the AI services to lift the daily cap, but how much that will cost hasn’t been revealed yet. The company says it will announce it soon but it will be optional and it intends to keep a free tier in place.

The Frame glasses can be pre-ordered from Brilliant Labs for $349 and the company intends to ship its first batch on April 15.

Image credits: Brilliant Labs