Kanye West Directs Paparazzi to Never Shoot His Wife at ’45 Degree Angle’

Kanye West directed paparazzi on exactly how to shoot his wife Bianca Censori, warning them to never film her from a “45-degree angle.”

In footage captured by TMZ, West gives paparazzi exact instructions on how to photograph Censori in a parking lot as the couple leave a tanning salon in Melrose Place, Los Angeles.

In the video, West can be heard directing photographers on where to stand as he endeavored to turn a back alley parking lot into his own studio.

The rapper’s main advice to the paparazzi was to tell them to never dare shoot him or his wife at a 45-degree angle.

Following this interaction, West reportedly later called the paparazzi to a private studio to direct another impromptu photo shoot featuring his wife who was seen wearing a long leopard print coat with a large hat that covered half of her face.

According to TMZ, the rapper was once again “very specific” with the angles that photographers took of Censori during the shoot.

‘The Most Universally Flattering Angle’

While West may be averse to being shot at a 45-degree angle, researchers have dubbed it the most “Universally Flattering Angle” in photography.

According to researchers of The Art of Being Photographed project, a subject simply turning their bodies 45-degrees away from the camera can transform photos making them “look slimmer, more natural, and more visually pleasing as an image.”

“Once you start looking for it, you will see the Universally Flattering Angle everywhere [in photography],” the researchers write.

“The diagonal line of the shoulders draws us viewers into the image, making it more lifelike and engaging.

“After all, what a camera does is to take an animated 3D person and turn them into a flat 2D image. Putting the human body at an angle keeps your image from being boring, flat, and lifeless, and instantly makes you more photogenic.”

This is not the first time a celebrity has had detailed instructions on how paparazzi on how to best photograph them. Last year, Jennifer Lopez directed a professional photographer on exactly how to shoot her at the Met Gala in viral footage.

Image credits: Feature photo via Wikimedia Commons.