Jennifer Lopez Directs Photographer on How Best to Shoot Her at Met Gala

JLO Giving Instructions to Photographers

Jennifer Lopez directed a professional photographer on exactly how to shoot her at the Met Gala.

In a video shared by Glamor, Lopez was filmed giving a photographer detailed instructions at the Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday evening.

Lopez is seen instructing the photographer on how she wants to be shot for the full-length portrait.

The actress and singer tells the photographer to first go lower with his camera, Lopez then tells him to shoot upward with his camera.

Lopez says to the photographer that this specific camera angle will make her “look taller” in the images that he takes.

Lopez is seemingly still not content with the camera angle that he’s taking and she tells the photographer again that he has to tilt his camera upwards to get the best shot of her.

Lopez gestures at the camera and tells the photographer: “You have to point it up. You have to point it up.”

When she is happy with the camera angle, Lopez puts her hand on her hip and happily poses for the photographer.

Flattering Camera Angles

Social media users debated Lopez’s specific instructions to the photographer — as holding a camera high and angling downwards is traditionally considered more flattering for the subject. Some individuals suggested that Lopez’s directions to the photographer on camera angle would give a subject a double chin in the images.

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However in a TikTok video, which has amassed 3.4 million views, posing expert Christine Buzan broke down Lopez’s instructions to the photographer.

“Basically she’s asking the photographer to go from a lower angle, and then to tilt the camera upwards so it’s looking at her from a lower angle going up,” Buzan says in the clip

The posing expert says that a lower camera angle will make the subject look taller and longer. She also adds that the camera can be held at the height of one’s stomach but the device should be tilted back slightly by the photographer.

“When you’re shooting at a lower camera angle, you don’t have to go all the way down to the ground,” Buzan explains.

“Instead, think about having the camera’s lens at about the height of your stomach and then instead of having it straight on, make sure that it’s titled upwards slightly.

“You’ll end up looking longer, more statuesque and you’ll be able to show off your outfit beautifully.”

Posing experts are on the rise and subjects want to have more control on how they are shot in photos. Last year, PetaPixel reported on David Suh who runs a course entitled “How to be Photogenic in 30 Days.”

Image credits: Images via Glamour.