Godox Announces the V1Pro Flash With a Detachable Sub Flash

Hot on the tail of the release of its impressive new wireless trigger, Godox announced an update to one of its most popular flashes. The Godox V1Pro Flash sees a handful of worthy updates, including the ability to use a detachable sub-flash.

One of the most notable updates with the new flash is the inclusion of the SU-1 Sub-Flash (The Flashpoint Sub-Flash at Adorama). This device attaches to the front of the V1Pro and acts as a supplemental fill light. The SU-1 offers adjustable output from 1/1 to 1/128, with an adjustment of +/- 3 EV. It would be a great addition to portrait sessions where a second fill light would be useful for balancing the light on a subject.

A person holds a camera with the Godox V1Pro flash and SU-1 Sub Flash attached.

The V1Pro (dubbed the Flashpoint Zoom Li-on X Pro R2 at Adorama) also sees significant power-related upgrades. It now includes a VB30 rechargeable lithium-ion battery that supports up to 100 consecutive full-power flashes in a single burst before shutting down for overheating protection. That’s a significant increase from the V1’s 40 consecutive flashes. The jump is a big win for those photographing action or moving subjects. It also offers a recycle time of 1.5 seconds and is capable of 500 full-power flashes with a single battery charge.

There’s also a new external power port on the V1Pro, allowing it to be compatible with the PB960 PROPAC lithium-ion battery for even faster recycle times and more flashes per charge. Additionally, the VB30 battery features a USB-C port, allowing users to charge the battery without bringing along special chargers. Beyond power and charging, a one-click TTL/M switch allows users to quickly toggle between manual and TTL mode.

Beyond those key changes, much remains the same with the V1Pro. Like the original Godox V1, the V1Pro features the same circular head design that made it stand out from other flash units. The head is still compatible with magnetic modifiers, and the power output remains the same at 76Ws. It supports a high-speed sync of up to 1/8000 sec with front and rear curtain sync and flash exposure compensation. A 2W LED modeling lamp assists with getting the composition right.

The V1Pro still sports a rear LCD for adjusting settings and a 2.5mm sync port for wired triggering. Godox built the flash with a 2.4 GHz receiver that works with its X wireless radio system. It offers a zoom range from 28 to 105mm and can rotate 330 degrees and tilt -7 to 120 degrees.

The components of the Godox V1Pro kit laid out against a white background.

The new flash is available in versions compatible with Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony. It is available for pre-order now for $319, though the ship date is not mentioned. If purchasing through Adorama, users can also bundle the flash with the Power Pack for an additional $90.

Image credits: Godox