The Godox Xnano Is a Compact Flash Trigger With a Touchscreen

Godox, a leading manufacturer of third-party lighting equipment, announced a compact, minimalistic flash trigger that it promises to be a game-changer. The new Xnano is a wireless TTL flash trigger and is available for most major camera systems.

Flash triggers aren’t exactly known for their sleek, compact designs. Even the newest ones are typically fairly outdated-looking and relatively bulky. That’s especially true on compact mirrorless cameras. This new trigger from Godox offers an alternative with a modern style and user interface.

Godox, also known under the Flashpoint brand at Adorama, is well-known for its lighting equipment. The new trigger is dubbed the Xnano under the Godox name or the Flashpoint R2 Nano at Adorama. The company describes the new trigger as “completely redefining the wireless flash trigger landscape.” And indeed, based on looks alone, it does just that.

The Flashpoint R2 Nano sits on a Fujifilm camera.
The R2 Nano/Xnano flash trigger is very small, making it a better choice for compact cameras.

The Xnano is quite tiny. It measures just 41 by 47 by 39 millimeters (1.61 by 1.85 by 1.54 inches), roughly the size of the Apple Watch. That compact size attaches to cameras via the easy-mounting hotshoe, and looks quite nice, even on small cameras. It only weighs 48 grams (1.7 ounces). A lithium battery powers the device, which charges in two hours via USB-C. The USB-C interface also allows for seamless firmware updates.

Two angles of the Flashpoint R2 Nano wireless flash trigger against a white background.
The R2 Nano offers intuitive touchscreen controls as well as tactile buttons on the side.

The primary feature of the Xnano is the touchscreen-based UI that makes adjusting controls easier and more intuitive. Users can tap and swipe to adjust power levels and change other settings. Alternatively, there are buttons on the side for a more tactile feel. Those buttons are also key for photographers working with gloves on. And a Screen Locking function prevents them from changing settings inadvertently.

The display is a high-definition OLED touchscreen with high contrast and a rapid refresh rate. Users can quickly adjust the screen brightness by sliding left or right, and it offers plenty of brightness adjustments for indoor and outdoor use.

In terms of lighting control, the Xnano offers two-way TCM, allowing for instant conversion between TTL and Manual modes. That makes it easier to move between shooting situations quickly and provides more control over lighting. Users will be able to adjust the power of all groups of lights at once or adjust each individual group for fine-tuned control.

The unit uses the 2.4GHz Godox Wireless X system for connectivity, enabling reliable Godox/Flashpoint lighting management. A spare channel scanning function prevents interference from others using the same channel. The Wireless Sync feature lets users connect the upcoming retro camera flash to the Xnano with a single tap, making the pairing process much more straightforward. This feature will also extend to other Godox lights with firmware updates.

Godox Xnano

The Godox Xnano is available at most photography retailers and the Flashpoint R2 Nano is available in Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Olympus versions at Adorama. It’s priced at $89 for all versions and comes with a case and USB-C cable. Godox says the Xnano should begin shipping at the end of January.

Image credits: Godox