The Yashica Vision Can Record 4K Video From 600 Meters Away at Night

Yashica Vision

The Yashica Vision are night-vision binoculars that promise the ability to record full-color 4K video and 58-megapixel photos from up to 600 meters away in total darkness.

The company positions the Vision as a major step forward in nocturnal exploration. Thanks to its 3x optical and 5x digital zoom, an f/1.0 aperture, and the promise of full-color night vision (as opposed to the typical green or monochrome), Yashica says its new binoculars offer “clear visibility from up to 600 meters away.”

The binoculars boast a 0.0037 lux sensitivity which Yashica says gives them the ability to provide sharp and clear focus even with only the faintest amount of light. Even in pitch dark, the company says just the first level (there are three levels) of the built-in IR illuminator allows it to see clearly from 20 to 50 meters away.

While they are binoculars, the Yashica Vision can also capture video. The company says that because the binoculars are equipped with “advanced optics and a superior CMOS sensor,” they can capture high-resolution 4K UHD video and photos at up to 58-megapixels in low-light conditions.

Yashica Vision

Specifically, Yashica says it is using a Galaxycore Type 1/2.9 sensor. The only version of this sensor PetaPixel could find specifics a maximum resolution of 2 megapixels, so the promised 58 megapixels either means it is combining multiple captures per shot or Yashica has access to a different version of this sensor.

That latter explanation actually makes sense, as the sensor also is only capable of 1080p HD capture, which Yashica recognizes.

“If you’ve chosen 4K quality, the device swiftly employs an upscaling automatic algorithm to enhance the resolution of the captured image or video in milliseconds. During the upscaling process, the algorithm smartly estimates additional pixel values between the existing ones based on the image data, thereby generating a higher 4K resolution image that ensures the preservation of intricate details,” the company claims.

“Yashica Vision utilizes infrared technology and leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance Image Signal Processing (ISP). It allows color imaging with low light at low lux levels to process with more natural color reproduction and higher dynamic range.”

Content is captured and saved to a microSD card and the Vision supports up to 512GB capacities. The binoculars boast a 5,000mANh built-in lithium ion battery that promises 16 hours of operation time with IR off and up to five hours with it on its maximum level three and up to 10 hours with IR on level one.

Yashica Vision

Yashica says it employs seven layers of coating on its lens including anti-reflection, anti-glare, water repellent, dust repellent, scratch resistance, oil repellent, and a UV coating. The company says the Vision is IP65 water and dust resistant as well.

The design of the Vision features self-illuminating buttons on the top to make operation easier in the dark and while the front of features a dual-lens system that looks like a traditional set of binoculars, the back (the part a user would peer into) is different and looks more like something out of Star Wars.

Instead of two eyecups, the Vision uses a four-inch 400 x 960 pixel display. None of the photos the company included in its media kit actually show the display, although the company has plenty of drawings and renderings available on its crowdfunding page. Multiple video samples the company shared (above) seem to show the display but not together with the full binoculars.

Yashica is launching the Vision on Kickstarter starting at about $139. It says it intends to start shipping the binoculars starting in May.

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Image credits: Yashica