Leica’s Four New Firmware Upgrades Feature Worthwhile Improvements

A Leica SL2 camera against a white background.

While firmware updates aren’t often anything too exciting, a recent patch from Leica actually provides some welcome quality-of-life upgrades.

The firmware update includes upgrades for multiple Leica cameras, as as spotted by Digital Camera World. Full-frame fixed lens cameras, the Leica Q2 and Q2 Monochrom, and the mirrorless Leica SL2 and SL2-S cameras all receive the new software enhancements.

The SL2 line, especially, gets some nice improvements. The new firmware version 6.0 offers continuous shooting with activated Perspective Control at two frames per second for both the SL2 and SL2-S, six fps for the SL2, and five fps for the SL2-S. It also adds a lock function for white balance and ISO settings when using Auto ISO during video capture.

“This function ensures a constant ISO value and automatic white balance during video recording until recording is stopped, or settings are changed via menu settings,” reads Leica’s release notes for the firmware patch.

There’s also a new submenu item “Flash Mode” under Flash Settings, new items under the Favorites menu, the thumbwheel can now serve as a function button, and the Joystick now has more assignment options. Additionally, the “AF Quick Setting” menu item is now under the Touch AF menu when using the EVF. “In Touch AF mode, this will prevent accidental movement of the AF frame, but still allows the Touch AF functions to be used,” Leica explains.

The GPS accuracy for shooting locations is improved, and some menu items were renamed or moved. This is all in addition to the usual bug fixes.

For the Q2 series, however, firmware version 5.1.0 only brings better GPS accuracy when paired with Leica’s Fotos app, but it’s certainly welcome all the same. Interestingly, the release notes here say this performance has been “significantly improved,” so this upgrade may be better measured by quality over quantity.

To update the firmware, users must download the file on Leica’s website. The camera maker recommends a fully-charged battery when initiating a firmware upgrade. Leica also recommends formatting the memory card, meaning that photographers should be sure to save any photos and videos before starting the process. The firmware udpate should be downloaded to the main directory on a freshly-formatted card. Once the firmware update is on the card and the card is inserted into the camera, users will see a prompt to start the update when they next power on the camera.

Image credits: Leica