Snoopy-Themed Polaroid Celebrates 50 Years of the Beagle Scouts

Peanuts Beagle Scouts Polaroid

Charles Schulz famously debuted the “Peanuts” comic in 1950 but in 1974, he introduced readers to the Beagle Scouts. Now, 50 years later, Snoopy’s group of outdoor adventurers has found its way onto a Polaroid camera.

Retrospekt, a product design and development studio that has worked with other major brands like Hello Kitty for similar collaborations in the past, has partnered with Peanuts to release a set of classic devices that celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beagle Scouts and feature the artwork of the late Schulz.

The collaboration includes two cameras: a Polaroid 600 and Retrospekt’s reusable 35mm film camera, the FC-11.

The Polaroid 600 is built by Retrospekt as an official partner of Polaroid and uses refurbished original parts from the 1980s and 1990s. The company says the camera has been “faithfully restored” to work just like new and is housed in a newly designed green, tan, and orange molded plastic exterior that is also home to official Beagle Scouts graphics.

The camera accepts Polaroid 600 film in all its varieties and comes with three fabric patches that can be applied to the back of the camera thanks to a circular “fabric fastener,” which is the generic name for Velcro. Only one patch can be used at a time but they are easily swapped out.

Peanuts Beagle Scouts Polaroid

The FC-11 is the same reusable 35mm film camera that Retrospekt has used in previous partnerships and features a fixed 31mm f/9 fixed-focus lens at a fixed 1/120 of a second exposure. It’s a pretty standard 35mm point-and-shoot film camera that takes either ISO 200 or 400 film.

Peanuts Beagle Scouts Polaroid

To go with each camera, Retrospekt also released two camera bags that use the same green and tan color scheme. The bags are available independently from the collaboration cameras and can be used with any similarly sized cameras.

“The bags are lined with a bold interior graphic composed of classic Peanuts comic strips featuring the Beagle Scouts and proudly display the Beagle Scouts 50th Anniversary patch on the exterior,” Retrospekt says.

In addition to the two cameras, Retrospekt also released its CP-81 portable cassette player and headphones that are emblazoned with the Beagle Scouts theme.

Peanuts Beagle Scouts Polaroid

The Polaroid 600 Peanuts Beagle Scouts film camera is available for $179 and uses Polaroid 600 instant film. The FC-11 film camera costs $59 and the The CP-81 is available for $99. Film and music cassettes are sold separately. The larger bag costs $35 while the smaller pouch retails for $29.

All of the collaboration products are available to pre-order and will ship in early January.

Image credits: Retrospekt