The Phase One P5 is a 128-Megapixel Medium Format Camera Built for Drones

Phase One P5

In collaboration with Quantum Systems and Trimble, Phase One announced a state-of-the-art 128-megapixel camera purpose-built for survey-grade applications.

The Phase One P5 is designed for mini UAVs (drones) and weighs less than 700 grams, which is very lightweight for a medium-format camera.

“Accurate surveys play a critical role in construction projects and architectural design, whether it’s during the construction phase or in the post-completion monitoring stage. However, current UAV-based surveying solutions have often fallen short in capturing survey-grade quality data, leaving a critical gap in meeting industry demands,” explains a press release.

To that end, the P5 offers flexible mounting options, ensuring that it will work within a wide array of professional workflows. The camera also sports industry-standard communication protocols and connectivity.

Phase One has eliminated pixel distortion through “meticulous calibration” and promises a 100% accurate capture timestamp and mid-exposure triggering. Users can select between 35mm and 80mm lens options. Phase One also says that its 128-megapixel image sensor promises “low Ground Sample Distance (GSD) and blur-free images.”

Of note, the P5 sports an electronic global shutter, pointing to the sensor most likely being the Sony IMX661 announced in early 2021. At that time, PetaPixel wrote that the sensor is designed for the industrial market, which aligns with the P5’s target users.

Phase One P5

“In the realm of specialized camera systems, the Phase One P5 has been meticulously crafted to address the shortcomings of conventional cameras for UAVs in terms of speed, weight, and data quality. Purpose-built for aerial surveying via drone, the camera stands as the world’s pioneering solution, consistently delivering the highest resolution and accuracy, along with industry-standard metrical calibration,” says Phase One.

The Phase One P5 is being deployed with the Quantum Systems Trinity Pro, a UAV with more than 75,000 flight hours of proven performance. The UAV has a ground speed of up to 22 m/s and maintains operational altitudes ranging from 60 to 120 meters.

“We are proud to introduce a pioneering solution that not only addresses the profound challenges faced by the surveying and construction industry but also sets new benchmarks for efficiency and precision,” explains Robert Leake, Head of Commercial Sales at Quantum Systems. “Our collaboration with Phase One and Trimble has yielded a game-changing survey-grade UAV solution. Achieving this level of quality, detail, and accuracy within a fixed-wing platform is a first in the industry. We’re opening new horizons for engineering surveying professionals, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this revolutionary leap forward.”

“Each Phase One P5 camera undergoes factory metric calibration and is supplied with a calibration certificate. When integrated with the Trinity Pro system, the Phase One P5 swiftly and accurately covers large survey areas, resulting in significant time and cost savings compared to traditional mapping and surveying methods,” states Michael Messerschmidt, Director of Product Management Unmanned at Phase One.

Image credits: Phase One