The New Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head Delivers 360 Degrees of Light

Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head

Godox has announced the AD-S200, a stick flash head attachment for the Godox AD200 and AD200Pro, also known as the Flashpoint eVOLV 200 and 200Pro on Adorama.

The Godox AD-S200, also known as the Flashpoint eVOLV S200, makes a versatile flash system even more flexible. Attached to the end of the AD200/AD200Pro series flashes, the AD-S200’s cylindrical flash tube delivers 360 degrees of light.

The AD-S200 is “perfect to light up the shooting space, eliminate shadows, and reveal details, while also maintaining the impact created by the bare tube,” promises Godox. The lighting company also claims that the AD-S200 is the most compact stick flash on the market, making it easy to fit into tight spaces.

Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head
The Godox AD-S200 promises to work well in tight spaces.

Godox says that the light’s cylindrical design and even light output enable creators to use the stick flash to produce a “soft and natural illuminance” without additional light modifiers. The stick flash promises to wrap light around the subject.

“Delivering light directly from the stick flash without any diffusion, the AD-S200 brings out vivid colors, clear textiles, and intricate details in photography, elevating your work to a whole new level,” Godox explains.

Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head

Whether working within a single or multi-light setup, the AD-S200, driven by the AD200/AD200Pro platform, promises consistent color temperature and power output. For photographers who only sometimes want a total 360-degree output, the AD-S200 kit includes a metal barn door, allowing control over the light range from 180 degrees to various narrower angles.

Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head
The Godox AD-S200 requires the Godox AD-200(Pro) to work.

While a Godox AD200 can work directly from the top of a camera, the AD-S200 is designed with handholding in mind. The AD-S200 stick flash includes a comfortable handle. However, it also includes a standard thread at the bottom to mount directly to a light stand.

The AD-S200 has 200Ws of power. Its color temperature is 5,800K (+/- 200K). The AD-S200 weighs just 2.47 pounds (1.12 kilograms) and is 25.7 inches (652 millimeters) long, excluding the power cable but including the barn door.

Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head

Pricing and Availability

The Godox AD-S200 Stick Flash Head for the Godox AD200/AD200Pro is available to preorder now for $339. It is also available through Adorama as the Flashpoint eVOLV S200 Stick Flash Head for the same price. It is unclear when the S200 will begin shipping.

Image credits: Godox