Nitecore’s New CW30 Photography Fan is for Adding Drama to Your Images

Nitecore CW30

About a week after announcing its new BabyBlower 21 for cleaning camera sensors, Nitecore has announced the CineWind CW30, a powerful portable fan designed to create visual drama on subjects during photo shoots.

Powered by dual NP-F batteries (not included), the Nitecore CW30 can generate gentle winds all the way up to 28.6 mile-per-hour gusts (46 kilometers per hour). Wind speed is adjusted via a control knob that allows the user to switch between 10 power levels.

“The Nitecore CW30 is a powerful cordless electric fan designed specifically for photographers looking to capture their next great picture. Weighing only a sixth of what a typical photography fan weighs, the CW30 allows you to freely change the wind direction and angle for a unique shooting experience,” Nitecore explains.

Despite its considerable power, the CW30 is relatively small compared to traditional fans. The CW30 weighs just 700 grams (24.7 ounces) and is easily handholdable. The dual NP-F batteries promise long runtime — from 3.5 to 138 hours, depending on the power level.

Nitecore says the CW30 is the “perfect partner for any situation,” including wedding, travel, and portrait photography. It is also well-suited to video applications, although Nitecore does not disclose how loud the CW30 is in use.

The CW30 is compatible with multiple extensions thanks to 3/8″ Arri locating, 3/8″ and 1/4″ screws, and a 1/4″ Arri locating holes. These screw holes allow users to attach accessories such as carry handles, tripod mounts, and fill lights to the CW30.

Nitecore CW30

The compact and lightweight CW30 includes detachable fan covers, allowing users to quickly clean the fan from the front and back. It is also designed with safety in mind, and the fan cannot be powered on if either fan cover is not installed. If the device is already on and either fan cover is detached, the fan will instantly power down.

The Nitecore CW30 portable photography fan is available for preorder now for $129.95 directly from Nitecore. Nitecore expects the CW30 to begin shipping next week. Nitecore also sells the CW30 in a bundle with a pair of NP-F750 or NP-F970 batteries for an additional $59.90 and $99.90, respectively.

The Nitecore CW30 is also available now from Pergear.

Image credits: Nitecore