Users of AI Photo App Loopsie Go Wild For its Anime Feature

A new artificially intelligent (AI) photo app has taken Vietnam by storm for its anime-style image generation feature.

Loopsie has become the most downloaded app in Vietnam this month for its ability to create comic-book-inspired images from any photograph.

Loopsie was reportedly developed by an Italy-based company in 2018. The app was initially focused on creating motion pictures and videos from photos.

However, in late 2022, the iOS version of the Loopsie app introduced the ability to retouch photos. And since mid-August, Loopsie’s “Old School Anime” filter has become extremely popular among social media users in Vietnam.

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The feature transforms any uploaded photo or video so that it looks like the image came straight out of an anime comic book.

According to Vietnamese newspaper VN Express, while most photo-editing applications typically only transform human faces in an image, Loopsie modifies the entire photo background to look anime too.

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This is why Loopsie has stood out among Vietnamese users — despite the fact that apps that turn photos into drawings have been available for several years.

“Loopsie changes everything in photos added by users, including the surrounding background and not only human faces,” comic book Anh tells VN Express. “That’s different from previously developed applications.”

However, VN Express reports that users have noted that one of the downfalls of the app is that the final anime photos cannot be edited. This drawback has been particularly frustrating for users when Loopsie’s AI inserts unwanted details that alter the original photograph.

According to the publication, some users complained about how the Loopsie app added clothes to images of people in swimsuits in a photo — and even hair to images of bald individuals.

In February, data suggested that the AI photo editing app trend, which was witnessed with the popularity of Lensa AI last year, may already be over.

However, the AI photo app appears to be regaining popularity again. Earlier this month, AI portrait app Miaoya took China by storm — charging users $1.40 to generate “shockingly accurate” photorealistic portraits.

Meanwhile, Generation Z were using AI photo app Remini to transform their selfies into professional headshots which led them to question why they would ever pay for a photographer instead.

Image credits: Header photo via Loopsie/TikTok.