Singulart is an Online Art Gallery that Empowers Photographers

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From left to right, images by: Aurore Millet, Ivona Zubakova, and Kaixuan Feng.

Singulart is an online art gallery featuring work from artists worldwide across a diverse range of mediums, including photography. With a team of art advisors available 24/7, customers can find the perfect artwork and have it delivered straight to their homes.

Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by Singulart

There are many ways to browse Singulart to find the right piece. Users can filter by medium, price, theme, style, technique, country of origin, display orientation, size, and color. In addition to types of art like paintings, drawings, and photographs, Singulart also sells more unusual mediums, like sculptures and textiles.

For example, when the photography medium is selected, the theme dropdown menu changes to show different genres, like fine art, landscape, portrait, urban, nature, conceptual, and more. Customers can also pick from various “photography movements,” including color, black and white, digital, analog, sepia, panoramic, and more. In a similar spirit, “photography techniques” includes analog, digital, and hybrid options.

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Singulart is a curated online art gallery where customers can search for and find the perfect artwork.

Finding the Perfect Photo

Cutting Through the Noise

There are so many benefits of photo-sharing platforms such as Flickr and Instagram. They enable people to share their favorite photos with friends, family, and strangers.

However, platforms like these are nearly impossible to use for anyone trying to find the perfect photo to purchase. Since it is so easy to share images, there is just a staggering amount of photography to wade through.

Even though many photographers create stunning work, some art buyers are seeking the perfect piece for their space and hoping to buy from a renowned artist. Singulart explains a bit about each artist on its platform, including their achievements within the art world. A personal connection to a piece is critical, and Singulart helps make this possible, even online.

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Singulart cuts through all the noise by delivering a curated art gallery featuring professional work. Due to the filters mentioned above, it is an extremely straightforward way to buy art online.

Using Singulart to Find Dynamic Nature Photographs

I love nature photography. Like many others, I enjoy doing it for myself. However, I also love seeing how other artists see the world around them and translate the feeling and spirit of nature into a two-dimensional space.

It is easy enough to start the search for the perfect nature photo on Singulart using Photography and Nature filters. Photos are shown in a scrolling gallery separated by individual artists.

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There are a lot of artists to scroll through — nearly 300. While a highly curated platform means there may be fewer pieces than a website where everyone can sell their work, buyers can feel more confident in every item available and more easily find what they want.

Back to the search for dynamic nature photos. I very quickly found an exciting artist, Ivona Zubakova. Visiting the Slovakian artist’s page on Singulart shows her portfolio of available work and her credentials. She is nationally known within Slovakia, is an established artist, and has had solo exhibitions. From her page, people can also follow her to stay updated with anything she adds to Singulart.

While Zubakova is talented across multiple disciplines and does some wonderful portraiture work, I want a nature image. This is a great option.

“Iceland,” Ivona Zubakova, Slovakia, 2023 — Digital on Paper, 33x24in

Once a person finds a piece they are interested in, there are a few options for trying to acquire it. The photo, printed on 33x24in paper, is listed for $2,060. While that is not unreasonable, it may be outside the budget of a prospective purchaser. In that case, instead of clicking “Acquire this Artwork,” they can select the “Make an Offer” option to negotiate with the artist.

The final price is all-inclusive, including 7-10 day professional delivery. Singulart also offers free 14-day returns, framing options, and original work ships with a certificate of authenticity.

Surreal and Serene Nature

While Zubakova’s “Iceland” print is an excellent fit for many different walls in a home, I want something a bit more surreal as a conversation piece. I still want a photo that is related to nature, but I want something a bit more unusual and very different from anything I would personally create. Being able to experience familiar emotions in a very different way is one of the best parts of viewing the art that others create.

Chinese multidisciplinary artist Kaixuan Feng has a diverse portfolio of photographs, paintings, and textiles. Her image, “Don de Soi ( No XXVII )” is an excellent example of precisely the type of photograph I love to look at but would be wholly unable to capture myself. It represents a way of seeing the world that is elusive and beautiful.

“Don de Soi ( No XXVII ),” Kaixuan Feng, China, 2018 — Digital on paper under plexiglass, 24x35in

“Don de Soi,” which translates to self-sacrifice, is a series of photographs by Feng that each place a woman within a natural scene.

“Historic and deserted places, she finds there. Through her photographs in which she stages herself, she magnifies these ruins settings and brings them back to life. Kaixuan Feng offers doubly stolen moments. Each photograph becomes a scene of reincarnation. Thanks to digital technology, the artist encrusts details which are so many narrative elements. The photographs are composed like dives into lost time. Telling history and history, this well-established distinction between the path of the individual and the collective, such is the ambition of Kaixuan Feng,” explains a translated description on the photo’s page.

It is a framed print and the second of a five-edition run. Feng is a rising star in the art world and has been internationally shown. She was recently featured in Singulart’s guide, “Top 10 Photographers to Watch.”

Finding the Perfect Color

Another common scenario for people searching for the perfect art to hang on their walls is trying to find something that fits the mood or color of a room. While white or gray walls may be conducive to just about any sort of photo, colored walls, such as perhaps a slate blue, may not work well with just any color.

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There are many ways to filter results on Singulart, including by the size of the artwork, its orientation, and the colors it includes.

Taking that example further, I love cool/warm contrasts. With a blue backdrop, I want a photograph that heavily emphasizes orange. Better yet, I want to purchase something created using analog camera technology.

Selecting “analog” as the photography technique and picking red, dark orange, and light orange colors — you can choose as many colors as you want — it is time to find the perfect photo.

I am glad I picked red and orange, because Aurore Millet’s image, “Sublime 2, 2010,” is the absolute perfect photo to hang on a slate blue wall.

“Sublime 2, 2010,” Aurore Millet, Germany, 2010 – Alu-Dibond under plexiglass, 41x41in

The Value of an Online Art Gallery

What makes Singulart special in the online art space is the platform’s impressive focus on photography. Many art galleries emphasize more traditional artistic mediums such as painting and drawing. It is really great to see a gallery that celebrates the beauty of photography and showcases the work that talented photographers and multi-disciplinary artists create.

Further, Singulart enables people to find prints from photographers that they might never see otherwise. While it is great to be able to meet an artist in person at an exhibition or local gallery, that limits people to a relatively small group of artists. There are few places to see art in person for people like me who live in a very rural area.

Of course, seeing a print on a website is different from seeing it in person, which is why Singulart’s return policy is so important. Sometimes even beautiful work is not the right fit for someone once they receive the piece.

Singulart works very hard to cultivate an inclusive space. Just about half of its artists and designers are women, for example. Some disciplines, including photography, have often been male-dominated, so it is brilliant to not only see photographers that may otherwise go unnoticed outside their home nations but also to see more women artists showcased.

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Those looking for extremely talented photographers should check out Singulart’s guide, “Top 10 Photographers to Watch.”

While application reviews are currently on hold due to an overwhelming number of artist applications, photographers are encouraged to apply to join Singulart.

There is so much incredible photography out there, and Singulart is a great place to view and purchase prints from talented artists.

Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by Singulart

Image credits: High-resolution images courtesy of Singulart, artists credited in the captions.