Nikon Issues Service Advisory to Repair Loose Z8 Strap Lugs for Free

Nikon Z8 Strap Lug Follow-Up

Nikon has officially recognized that there is a problem with loose strap lugs on the Nikon Z8 camera and issued a service advisory for those affected along with the promise to repair the affected cameras at no cost to the photographer.

Nikon says that the “metal camera strap eyelets,” or strap lugs as many have called them, may become loose or separate from the camera body. Asking dealers and distributors to tug on the Z8 strap lugs after it was reported that they may become loose may have helped the company isolate the affected serial numbers.

After investigating the matter for the past couple of weeks, the company says it has become clear that the issue may occur if the eyelets are “subjected to conditions such as a strong impact or continuous heavy stress.” Further, Nikon has identified a range of camera serial numbers that may be affected and will repair these cameras free of charge.

Nikon strap lugs

Below is Nikon’s full statement on the situation:

Nikon values our customers’ trust above all else. On August 7, we issued a Technical Service Advisory (TSA) for users of the Z8 cameras to address an issue where metal camera strap eyelets may become loose or separate from the camera body if subjected to conditions such as a strong impact or continuous heavy stress. We recognize this is an important issue and are committed to resolving it as soon as possible. We have identified a range of Z8 camera serial numbers with which the issue may occur and will inspect applicable cameras and take the necessary steps to correct this issue, at no cost to the consumer, even if the warranty has expired. Nikon will also pay all shipping costs both to and from the Nikon service center. Please direct inquiries regarding this issue to Nikon’s customer service team. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding. For more information, please visit here.

Jay Vannatter, Executive Vice president at Nikon Inc., further apologizes for the situation.

“It’s vital to us to retain the trust we have built with our users. This is why we have decided to take decisive action to resolve this issue. The Technical Service Advisory (TSA) we issued today will enable customers to have their Z8 cameras corrected for this matter at no cost to the consumer. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to our users, and wish to thank them for their patience and for standing by the Nikon brand,” he says.

Location of serial number on the Nikon Z*=8. | Nikon

Nikon has put together an official page to check a Z8’s serial number to see if it is affected by this new service advisory. The company has also added it to the page of all Technical Service Advisories for the Z8 and it joins the lens mount issue for the camera from late June.