Ricoh Pulls Latest GR III Series Firmware Updates Due to Memory Bug

Ricoh GR III firmware issue
Ricoh GR III

Ricoh Imaging has announced that there is an issue with the latest firmware updates for the popular Ricoh GR III and Ricoh GR IIIx compact cameras. Although the latest updates are still listed on Ricoh’s support website, photographers can no longer download them.

Firmware 1.80 for the GR III and 1.30 for the GR IIIx were released last week. As seen on AsobiNet, following their public release, Ricoh Imaging found an issue with the firmware updates that impacts the camera’s new customize setting feature and stopped users from being able to download the firmware.

The issue is with a new function that allows users to enable their GR III to recall (or forget) selected camera settings from a list of 22 settings, including ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation, when the camera is powered on again. When a specific box is checked, that setting will be remembered after cycling power. Likewise, an unchecked box means that setting will be reset to default when the camera is powered off.

The issue with the firmware update is that any settings unchecked in the new function memory menu will be set to default value for all user modes, such as U1, U2, and U3, not just the mode that the photographer was using. The feature is intended to apply only in specific instances, not across all of a photographer’s customized user modes. If the user unchecked a box, for example, it would affect that setting across all user modes, which could be a major inconvenience for people who make extensive use of user modes.

If a user has already installed the latest firmware updates, Ricoh Imaging advises keeping all boxes checked in the [Customize Setting] — [Memory] menu until a new firmware update is available. A revised firmware update for the GR III and GR IIIx is currently in development and should be released shortly.

Ricoh GR III firmware issue
Ricoh GR IIIx | Ricoh

The firmware updates include other new features, which do not have any associated bugs. The firmware upgrade includes new playback features, including pinch gesture controls for reducing a single image into a thumbnail view and a second pinch to select photos by shooting date.

Ricoh has also added two new design options for the GR III’s electronic level in the display customization menu.

Within the snap focus distance menu, a new 0.3m focus distance is available for close-up photography.

The firmware update also promises improved stability, although there is obviously a bit of a caveat with that one, and the addition of simplified fonts.

When the revised Ricoh GR III and GR IIIx firmware is ready to download, it will be available on Ricoh Imaging’s website.

Image credits: Header photo by Fed Abery for PetaPixel