2018 Taylor Swift Special Edition Instax Camera Now Sells for 10x Original Price

Intax SQ6 and Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards, left, the Instax SQ6 special edition, right.

Back in 2018, Fujifilm launched a special edition of the Fujifilm Instax SQ6 which saw them team up with superstar singer Taylor Swift.

The camera went on sale for $180 but now the Polaroid camera has been selling for ten times that amount on eBay.

Digital Camera World spotted one of the Taylor Swift edition Instax cameras had been sold for an incredible $1,800 on eBay, according to a listing.

It appears that the seller, DMZ Group, has sold eight of these items but a quick search on eBay for the special edition camera shows people selling the camera for around $500.

Taylor Swift special edition film
The Taylor Swift special edition film that was also sold in 2018.

However, as Digital Camera World notes, the value of these cameras will depend on the condition of the camera and if the seller has the original box or not.

What is the Instax SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition?

The Instax SQ6 Taylor Swift edition was designed by the Shake it Off singer herself and features a gold-colored newspaper pattern on a black base, similar to the songstress’s album artwork for Reputation.

There is also a production of Taylor Swift’s autograph on the back of the camera and she released a Instax Mini portrait of herself in collaboration with the camera’s launch.

Mini portrait of Taylor Swift
The Instax mini portraits of Swift to mark her special edition camera.

Fujifilm sponsored Swift’s world tour in 2018 and her embrace of the Instax brand sparked a surge of interest in them leading to hard sales for Fujifilm. Digital Camera World reports that the Instax camera sales hit 900,00, according to a financial report from 2019.

The company was no doubt alerted to Swift after she used a Polaroid photo as an album cover for 1989, a faded photo of the star with the top of her head cropped off.

Since 2018, Swift has only gone from strength to strength topping streaming charts and selling out world tours. PetaPixel recently covered a debate between Apple and Samsung users after a video from one of Swift’s concerts showed off the incredible zoom power of the new iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Image credits: Header photo partly licensed via Depositphotos.