Incredible Video of Taylor Swift Concert Starts Debate on iPhone Zoom

Taylor Swift

A Taylor Swift fan started a social media debate between Apple and Samsung smartphone users after she used her iPhone 14 Pro Max’s zoom to impressively focus on the singer at her concert.

TikTok user Courtney posted a clip, captioned “This is your sign to get an iPhone 14 Pro Max,” in which she centered in on Swift performing on stage during her current Eras tour.

In the viral video, which racked up 27.1 million views and over 5.4 million likes, Courtney begins with a tight shot of Swift performing her single Karma with backup dancers.

@bluecheeseisfoul Wait for me to zoom out lmao tbh this should be an ad for @apple ???? #fyp #iphone14promax #taylorswift #erastour #phillyerastour #phillyerastournight2 ♬ original sound – courtney

The viewer is led to believe that Courtney has secured concert seats close to the stage and is filming Swift as she sees the singer from her seating.

However, Courtney then dramatically and unexpectedly zooms out of her shot of Swift to reveal just how far away she is seated from the stage. In fact, Courtney is hardly able to see the singer without the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

In the final shot of the clip, Courtney pans out more to reveal her nosebleed seats at the stadium.

Fans have been flocking in enormous numbers to Swift’s Eras tour — with the singer breaking the record for the most-attended female concert in U.S. history with an audience of 69,000 people on her opening night.

‘This is The Best Apple Advert I’ve Ever Seen’

Thousands of TikTok viewers were stunned by Courtney’s video and the seemingly telescopic capabilities of her iPhone 14 Pro Max’s zoom lens.

“The way my jaw dropped. Apple better run you a check because this is the best advertisement I’ve seen,” one TikTok user exclaims.

Several Swift fans remarked that Courtney’s video has persuaded them to invest in an iPhone 14 Pro Max ahead of seeing the singer’s concert.

“Find me watching the whole concert through my camera zoomed in like this,” a TikTok user writes.

Another individual comments: “Just got an iPhone 14 so now I can feel close even in my nosebleed seats!”

Meanwhile, another music fan thanked Courtney for her helpful video: “I’m going to see Beyonce on tour in August and upgraded my phone for the same reason. Thank you for this.”

‘Someone do this with a Samsung 100x Zoom’

However, several Android users mocked the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s zoom capabilities in the TikTok video and argued that Samsung’s 100x Space Zoom was unquestionably better.

“Someone do this with a Samsung 100x Zoom,” an Android user demands.

Another viewer remarks: “The way you’re all impressed by this is baffling. Someone give them Samsung’s 100x zoom which is standard on every brand except the one and only Apple.”

Android users commented that the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s close-up video of Swift was blurry and argued that there was a higher quality to Samsung’s Space zoom, making images “clear and closer.

The new iPhone 14 Pro was released last year with an improved Telephoto lens that offers a three times optical zoom. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Space Zoom allows its cameras to offer a total combined optical and digital zoom of 100x.

Samsung achieved Space Zoom through a combination of optical zooming hardware, image processing, and a high-resolution sensor. However, some users have complained that the resulting 100x zoom photos can be pixelated and low quality.

PetaPixel previously reported on a photographer started an online discussion about Samsung’s powerful 100x Space Zoom after he used it to focus on Florence Cathedral’s iconic dome.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.