SmallRig’s Canon Camera Battery is Cheaper, Lasts Longer, and Has USB-C

SmallRig Canon Battery

SmallRig’s new LP-E6NH battery is positioned as an upgraded version of Canon’s first-party option and not only features USB-C charging and a slightly higher capacity, but it’s also half the price.

Spotted by Canon Rumors, SmallRig says its new option is “comparable to the original in all ways” with a built-in decoding chip for full compatibility with a camera (no pop-up warning during use will occur) and supports power display on the camera. The company adds that it has short circuit, high temperature, high voltage, over-charge, and over discharge protection, too.

The new battery joins the other batteries in SmallRig’s lineup that come equipped with a USB-C port that allows them to be juiced up without a bulky wall charger, one of the nice benefits of all the batteries in its line that offer this feature. The company says that using a high-current charger (5V 2.2A), the battery can be charged from empty to full inside of 2.5 hours.

SmallRig Canon Battery

The batteries don’t have to be charged only with USB-C though, and are still compatible with a “variety of power supplies” such as wall chargers (the company says charging is supported with a dedicated charger, which presumably means Canon’s wall charger) or other third-party multi-battery chargers, including, of course, SmallRig’s.

“SmallRig LP-E6NH USB-C Rechargeable Camera Battery 4264 allows being charged via a power bank, power strip, car charger, or other special chargers,” the company says.

SmallRig Canon Battery

Canon’s LP-E6NH doesn’t have the ability to charge with USB-C and it also has a maximum capacity of 2,130mAh, while SmallRig has squeezed a bit more into the compact form factor and says its option is 2,400mAh — that’s good enough for about three hours of video recording time and 780 photos (tested with CIPA standards, which are notoriously inaccurate and too conservative when it comes to mirrorless camera photo taking battery life, so expect better).

SmallRig Canon Battery

SmallRig says its LP-E6NH battery is compatible with a host of Canon cameras from classics like the original 5D all the way up through the EOS R6 Mark II, EOS R7, and EOS R5 and R5 C. Perhaps the most appealing part of SmallRig’s battery is the price: $39.99. That’s just shy of half the cost of Canon’s first-party battery, which costs $79.

Image credits: SmallRig