Woman Uses Photoshop’s New AI Tool to Easily Create a Hospital Bed Selfie

woman creates hospital selfie with Photoshop AI generative fill tool

A woman revealed how easily she used Photoshop’s new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Generative Fill tool to fake a selfie of her lying in a hospital bed with a nurse by her side.

Content creator Madeline Salazar has been showing viewers how she has been using the software’s new AI tool to swiftly “Photoshop my way out of any and every plan.”

@immadsal Replying to @Xavier Jacob Morris about to photoshop my way out of any and every plan #generativeai #adobephotoshop #adobeai #photoshopai #ai #aiprank ♬ Feral Anthems pt 4 – DJ L BEATS

In a Tikok video that has over 10.4 million views, Salazar revealed how easily she was able to turn an ordinary selfie into a doctored image of her wearing a patient’s gown on a hospital bed next to an AI-generated nurse — to get out of helping a friend with their move.

In the clip, posted earlier this month, Salazar receives a text message that reads: “Are you still coming to help me move?”

The content creator, who is based in New York City, then takes a selfie of herself and promptly opens up Photoshop.

Salazar uses Photoshop’s lasso tool to select the background of the original photo which consists of a bed, pillow, and a table.

She then types “hospital” into Photoshop’s generative AI fill tool and uses it to change her clothes in the selfie to a hospital gown and makes her hair look “tangled” for extra effect.

Salazar then employs Photoshop’s AI tool to add a “hospital bracelet” to her wrist. She completes the image with a “woman smiling” next to her who she dresses in hospital scrubs and a stethoscope so she resembles a nurse.

woman creates hospital selfie with Photoshop AI generative fill tool
The original selfie (left) and the doctored photograph (right)

Salazar then replies to her friend’s text message with the words “No :( ” and the highly convincing photograph of her on the hospital bed.

Social media users were shocked by Salazar’s clip and how easily she was able to doctor the image with Photoshop’s AI generative fill tool. Many viewers said that they would never believe what they saw in a photograph ever again.

“Everything is a lie. I have no reason to trust anybody ever again,” one user comments.

Another viewer humorously remarks: “Should not have shown me this because my boss is about to get a lot of these.”

Image credits: All photos by TikTok/@immadsal