Vimeo’s New AI-Powered Editor Promises to Simplify Video Creation


Vimeo has announced a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) powered, browser-based tools that it says are powerful enough to allow anyone to record and publish a streamlined video simply and easily.

The company says that its tools are a “first of its kind AI-powered video creation suite” that have a wide range of applications, such as quickly creating highlight reels, allow for the hosting of virtual events, and easily create and export quote clips for short videos like an Instagram Reel or for TikTok.

“[Vimeo’s] AI tools enables anyone to record videos in one take and edit in seconds — generate a script from a text prompt, record your screen using a built-in teleprompter, and instantly delete any unwanted content such as filler words (ums and uhs) and long pauses,” Vimeo says.

“Vimeo plans to further expand upon its AI strategy by enabling a wide range of AI tools and capabilities to seamlessly integrate into its platform in the future.”

The company says that with this new suite, users can create a fully produced video in “minutes,” made possible by three major features.

First is Vimeo’s Ai-powered script generator, which is able to create a video script in “seconds” using generative AI. The company says users will be able to type a brief text description and preferred tone and video length, and the tool will take care of the rest. It is not specifically called out, but Vimeo is likely using the services of an existing text-based chat bot like ChatGPT.

The second feature is a teleprompter. Vimeo says that it will allow users to maintain “natural eye contact” with its “built-in display.” The company says that users can also personalize font size and pace while recording.

Finally, Vimeo has a text-based video editor that can automatically delete “filler words” as well as long pauses and “awkward moments” in as little as a single click.

“AI in video opens up a new frontier of accessibility. Any individual or business now has the ability to produce engaging, professional content with no prior production experience, and within mere minutes,” Ashraf Alkarmi, chief product officer at Vimeo, says.

“This is just the beginning of our new and integrated AI video strategy, but we believe this launch will be a game-changer for how companies should be communicating and connecting with distributed teams and customers. We’re clearly only scratching the surface of what AI can accomplish for organizations and the people within them. We envision a future in which AI knowledge is a prerequisite, not a luxury, to video production. Leaders need to adapt now and empower their teams to create more efficiently, or risk getting left behind.”

Much of what Vimeo is offering here is close to what is available from, the platform PetaPixel currently uses to record its weekly podcast. That said, Vimeo is leaning harder into AI-powered tools.

Vimeo’s new video creation suite will be available in July and will be included for those subscribed to Vimeo’s Standard or Pro subscription plans. A demonstration of the capabilities as well as a way to test out some of the features are available on Vimeo’s website.