Music Video Shot on iPhone 14 Pro Shows its Storytelling Power

Musical artist Grant Knoche’s new music video for his song “First Hello” was shot exclusively on an iPhone 14 Pro, showcasing another example of how artists use iPhone’s impressive video capabilities to produce professional-caliber content.

Knoche’s video was shot by film director Robert Marrero and tells Knoche’s story of coming out.

“In honor of this momentous occasion in his life, this year, Grant created a music video and remix to ‘First Hello’ shot on iPhone 14 Pro. The video depicts various stories of LBGTQ+ couples and individuals finding the courage to live as their true selves and creatively expresses these stories in a colorful way, mirroring the Pride flag, helping the viewer to follow along with each storyline,” Apple tells PetaPixel.

Music video shot on iPhone 14 Pro

Grant Knoche is no stranger to the music industry. He taught himself to use Logic Pro at age 11, a skill that launched Knoche to success as a “Kidz Bop” artist and later as a finalist in NBC’s American Song Competition.

Knoche still uses Logic Pro, and he wrote and recorded “First Hello” using Apple software to share his coming out story with his loved ones. He shared the story on TikTok, including his family and friends’ responses to the song.

Music video shot on iPhone 14 Pro

Music video shot on iPhone 14 Pro

Music video shot on iPhone 14 Pro

These days, Knoche is an independent singer, producer, and writer with a large following on TikTok and Instagram.

The “First Hello” music video features actors such as Ava Michelle, Devore Ledridge, Mollee Gray, Jeka Jane, and Ezra Sosa.

Apple Continues to Hype its Smartphones as Pro Cameras

The “First Hello” music video is far from the first professional production made using an iPhone. Earlier this year, Apple shared a Bollywood film, Fursat, that was shot entirely on iPhone 14 Pro.

The smartphone also powered Peng Fe’s film Through the Five Passes, released to celebrate the 2023 Chinese New Year.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max feature a 48-megapixel main image sensor and can record cinematic 4K video at up to 60 frames per second. A special “Cinematic” mode records 4K HDR video at up to 30 fps. The iPhone 14 Pro also shoots Dolby Vision 4K at 60 fps and ProRes video at up to 4K/30p. The smartphone packs a lot of power into a compact, sleek form factor.

Image credits: Apple