Analogue Wonderland Has Acquired SilverPan Film Lab

Analogue Wonderland Has Acquired SilverPan Film Lab

Analogue Wonderland, one of the leading shops and manufacturers of film photography in the United Kingdom, has acquired SilverPan Film Lab, a processing lab in Bristol.

The company, which was founded in 2018 by mother and son duo Mary and Paul McKay, says that the acquisition will allow it to offer a greater range of in-house developing chemistries and services as well as provide its first true retail location. Analogue Wonderland says this further gives it the ability to preserve and promote the art of film photography in the digital age.

Under the new ownership, Analogue Wonderland says that SilverPan Film Lab will continue to operate independently, allowing it to maintain its distinct identity and continuing to provide the same services and experience that its customers have come to expect.

“There will be no immediate change to website, branding or physical location — and the same technicians will remain in charge of processing their customers’ films. The acquisition will bring added resources and technological advancements to SilverPan Film Lab, enabling it to enhance its offerings and meet the growing demands of film enthusiasts,” Analogue Wonderland says.

“With a shared passion for the craft and a dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Analogue Wonderland and SilverPan Film Lab are poised to create a significant partnership in the film photography community,” the company says.

SilverPan Film lab was also established in 2018, and the company’s founder Duncan Gammon says that by joining with Analogue Wonderland, it will benefit from the purchasing and marketing know-how, robust infrastructure, and customer support.

“The acquisition by Analogue Wonderland marks an exciting new milestone for SilverPan Film Lab,” Duncan says.

“Our uniquely bespoke approach to running a commercial film lab is something I have been proud of from the start; offering access to the maximum choice of high quality options in development techniques, scanning and printing to the passionate film photography community; ‘Your film, your way.'”

Analogue Wonderland says that customers of both it and SilverPan Film Lab can expect an “enhanced experience” along with an extended range of film products that will be available in the Bristol storefront along with film processing and printing services.

A full blog post from SilverPan Film Lab explaining the acquisition to customers can be found on the lab’s website.

Image credits: Analogue Wonderland