New Canon 360 and 180 VR Camera Spotted at Photo Fair in Japan

New Canon VR camera
The new and unnamed Canon VR camera that was on exhibition at Photo Next in Japan this week | Ichiro Uematsu

A new 360 and 180 3D VR camera made by Canon has been spotted on display at Photo Next 2023, a photo fair in Yokohama, Japan.

The as-yet-unnamed camera appears to be a 360/180 hybrid. When folded it will work as a 360 camera with two 180-degree lenses on opposite sides capturing spherical imagery. But when unfolded, the two lenses will be side-by-side allowing for 180-degree 3D capture.

As noted by DIY Photography, it looks similar to the Insta360 EVO which also folds, capturing 360 footage folded and 3D content when unfolded.

Pronews says that Canon’s prototype is a mockup and not in a state where it can actually be used or tested. So far, there are no specifications, prices, or sample videos released by the manufacturer.

The caption for the exhibit at Photo Next reads: “V Series Concept Camera 360 degree 180 degree 3D VR Camera. A concept camera capable of shooting both 360-degree omnidirectional and 180-degree 3D VR images.”

The EOS VR System

Canon has been making tentative steps into virtual reality (VR), first with the release of the RF 5.2mm f/2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens released in 2021.

The following year, the EOS R5 C was released for full-scale video production with an EOS VR Utility/Plugin for VR conversion that has since been updated.

Canon’s latest tease at Photo Next is marked as V series, a line designed for bloggers like the recent Powershot V10 camera. This suggests it will be the first VR Canon product targeted at the consumer market, unlike its previous VR offerings which were aimed at professionals.

Video creator Wistara went to the exhibition and saw the camera and said on Twitter that “booth staff didn’t seem to have any information, so the purpose of this exhibition seems to be to investigate the market reaction.”

VR cameras remain a niche and uncertain market, but with Apple creating buzz around its new Visual Pro headset it may still mature.

Image credits:Header photo courtesy of Ichiro Uematsu.