TikTok Will Pay Creators of Popular Effects and Filters


TikTok is introducing a new $6 million fund to pay creators for making viral effects and filters — in the first reward system of its kind on the platform.

TikTok announced today that it is launching a new “Effect Creator Rewards” fund that will pay creators for the effects they make through the app’s AR development platform, Effect House.

@tiktok Now anyone can create vibrant effects for TikTok. Welcome to Effect House #effecthouse ♬ original sound – TikTok

The company says it will give creators in select regions another way “to monetize their content authentically” on the video-sharing app.

The $6 million fund will provide payments to creators based on users’ engagement with their effects.

At launch, for every effect that’s used in 500,000 unique videos within 90 days of being published, a creator will collect $700. For every 100,000 videos published thereafter within the same 90 days, creators will collect an additional $140.

Only one video is eligible per TikTok user per day. Therefore, if a TikTok user posted a dozen clips with a creator’s filter in one day, it would count as one unique video toward the 500,000 clips required to be rewarded.

TechCrunch reports that a TikTok spokesperson confirmed that the new fund will be available in the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K.

“When we launched the Effect House beta — complete with development tools, guides, and learning resources — our goal was to equip designers, developers, and creators with all they needed to build dynamic Community Effects for TikTok’s global community,” the company writes in a blog post announcing the fund.

“Our investment in Effect Creator Rewards furthers that commitment, expanding opportunities for effect creators and helping support and reward their passion and creativity.”

For some time, creators have been voicing their frustration with the lack of opportunity to directly monetize their filters and effects, which constitute the viral trends used by millions of TikTok users every day.

In March, PetaPixel reported on the viral artificial intelligence (AI) powered “Bold Glamor” beauty filter that left TikTok users shocked and concerned about how dangerously realistic it is. The Bold Glamor filter has been used on TikTok in over 58.6 million videos to date.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.