Met Gala Photographers Criticized for ‘Racist’ Comments About K-Pop Band

Five individuals standing side by side in formal attire at the met gala event, with a caption "how about a cool pose?" overlaying the image.

Paparazzi photographers camped out on the red carpet of the Met Gala have been slammed for their treatment of K-pop boy band Stray Kids.

During the glitzy event, that took place on Monday, the eight-member boyband lined up for the cameras while a photographer can be heard shouting: “I’ve never seen so many unemotional faces in my life” and another brands them “robots.”

A photographer can be heard sarcastically saying: “All right guys, tone it down. Tone it down,” as he attempts to get a different facial expression out of the band. Then the band takes off the black clothing they had been wearing and the photographers collectively groan upon realizing they had to keep shooting the band. “Now, let’s do it with feeling,” one of the lensmen ironically shouts.

Amid the muffled voices coming from female and male photographers, one can be heard declaring that he “hates them” and another shouts: “How do you say ‘right’ in Korean?”

Fans of the band were left unimpressed by the photographers’ banter calling it out for being “racist”, “ignorant”, and “uncultured.”

“I’m actually disgusted by how Stray Kids were treated in the Met Gala, because what the hell is that,” writes Jein Park on X (formerly Twitter). “The comments the photographers were making are so rude and disrespectful.”

Another writes: “Every video I see the more rage I get. The racism, the unprofessionalism, who hired them??? I hope they are fired.”

It comes less than a month after Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham scolded a photographer who asked her to “show leg” during a red carpet event in London.